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Atom Longboards Review: Best Longboard Buyer’s Guide!

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If you are a beginner then you might not know the advantage of riding a board with a lower center of gravity. Today you are going to read our complete Atom Longboards Review.

Such boards are known as drop-through or simply drop longboards.

The whole idea of this low profile design is to provide riders with a more stable and safer ride which we believe is something that every rider seeks despite the skill level or style of riding.Atom Longboards Review

Drop-through longboards are manufactured by various brands and are the most popular kinds bought by beginners and free e riders.

So judging by the popularity of these boards you can imagine the endless number of hours you could be spending trying to pick the perfect model to fit within your budget.

To make things easier for you we went ahead and searched the market for the best-sellers according to price, features, and of course performance.

During our hunt for the perfect drop-through longboard, we came across the Atom Drop-Through which has been selling immensely well.

Read our atom longboards review on the product to find out why it has been creating so much hype among riders for quite some time now.


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Who Is The Atom Drop-through Longboard For?

This board is designed for downhill riding as well as for cruising when stability during high speed is a priority- which to us is at all times.

If you are a beginner and are not comfortable with sliding downhill then the low deck construction that is designed to keep you closer to the ground will still provide you with the comfort and safety you need for long-distance rides and every day commuting.

The only drawback with such boards that come with large decks is that they aren’t too convenient to keep aside once you reach your destination but if you are looking for a cheaper transportation system then you can beat the economical benefit of this board.

Features Of The Atom Longboard

Features Of The Atom Longboard

Build And Measurements

The deck of this drop-through board is made sturdy with 8 ply maple laminate. The several layers of the hardwood add both durability and flex for unmatched and long-lasting performance.

Measuring at 41 inches in length there is plenty stepping space so you can comfortably position your foot on the deck and maneuver it with total control.

The unique perimeter shape and large wheel cutouts prevent wheel bite so you can make the fastest and most frictionless turns.

Riders can get 9.6 inches of leverage into each turn and also enjoy maximum balance with the low riding deck design. Being so close to the ground also makes pushing the board much easier while reducing stress on both the board and the rider.

Trucks And Wheels Of The Atom LongboardsThe Atom Longboards 2

The board is equipped with Reverse King Pin trucks with 245-millimeter axles. You can clear turns with ease and ride around obstacles in a breeze.

Whether you are riding downhill or just cruising along the streets, the trucks and wheels on the Atom should give you a sense of stability and the confidence you require to fully enjoy your ride.

The wheels are more on the harder side although they are 78a. Many users have chosen to upgrade the 70mm wheels to take the performance of the board to another level but even the original ones did justice to the overall quality of the board.

Bearings Of The Atom Longboards

The ABEC-9 bearings are excellent, providing the smoothness needed for the board to glide and maintain good speed throughout the rides.

As premium bearings, they spin extremely well and hardly need any cleaning. But if you must give them some treatment then you can easily take them out and have them cleaned and lubricated.


Bushings Of The Atom LongboardsThe Atom Longboards 3

This is where we wish the makers of the Atom Drop-through would do a better job. The polyurethane bushings didn’t excite us much and they also seemed to make quite a few customers less than happy.

As shock absorbers, these bushings don’t look too durable and maybe the first parts on the board to falter with prolonged use.

Weight Capacity Of The Atom Longboards

With a solid build and durable materials, this board can support a weight of up to 250 lbs although according to some customer reviews the board served riders who even weighed around 280 lbs.

While we feel that excess weight may alter the quality of performance that one would get from the board, in terms of strength it is capable of carrying over the weight limit.


  • Affordably priced
  • Unique perimeter shape of deck reduces the chance of wheel-bite
  • Low deck profile makes pushing easy and keeps riders stable during downhill and cruising rides
  • Smooth bearings


  • The bushings are not up to the mark
  • The graphics or the lack of may not be appealing to all
  • The large size of the deck may be of less convenience for some

The Atom Longboards 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this board easy to push around?

Yes. The Atom Drop-through is easy to push, glides smooth, and picks up a good speed.

Can adjustments be made on the initial set up of the board?The Atom Longboards 4

You can make a few adjustments if you feel the need to like the trucks can be tightened or loosened as required and the bearings can be removed for easy cleaning.

Other parts like the wheels and the bearings can also be replaced if you wish to give your board an upgrade.

Does the board come assembled?

Yes, it comes fully assembled.

Is this board only for downhill?

No, you can use this for cruising also.

Is it atom pintail longboard?


Is this an atom electric longboards review?


Final Thoughts On Atom Longboards Review

So there you go. How was the Atom Longboards Review? Most people struggle to find an affordable beginner’s board that comes with a solid build and smooth running components.

Just like most products on the market you would be expected to pay a hefty amount of cash if you are seeking something that is long-lasting and of good quality.

This is where the Atom Drop-through longboard has impressed us. Not only is this board made to last, but it also provides riders with safe and comfortable rides within a budget.

The board may not be visually pleasing to those who prefer a lot of cool graphics or colors but it does portray a simple yet decent look.

So, if you are seeking a sturdy drop-through board for thrilling downhill rides but do not want to break the bank then this might just be the board for you.



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