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Hockey Skate Reviews

10 Best Hockey Skates – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide!

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As soon as you decide to get a new pair of hockey skates a number of questions pop up in the head and you realize that finding the right skates isn’t as simple as it seems.

The decision becomes tough because good quality hockey skates can make all the difference in the level of your performance when you step on the ice so you can’t afford to make mistakes here.

Whether you are a professional skater or you are just starting out, you probably know that ice hockey is an extreme sports game and it takes years of practice to reach perfection but you can make the journey more pleasurable and safe with the right equipment.

Today we will give you an overview of some of the best hockey skates available on the market and also guide you through the process of selecting your ideal pair.

Our list consists of the top 10 best hockey skates where we review each product thoroughly with pros and cons while our buying guide covers all the factors that need to be considered when making your final pick.

By the end of this article, we hope you will have learned quite a bit about hockey skates and skating in general.

Our contents are filled with fun facts and a lot of information on today’s topic so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy reading till the end because the more you know about the equipment and the game the higher the chances you will have of making the right decision during your purchase.


Top 10 Best Hockey Skates

In this section, we reviewed 10 of the Best Hockey Skates for beginner to pro. What are those? Let’s see the list:

  1. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate
  2. DBX Ice Hockey Skates
  3. Bauer Senior Vapor x500 Ice Hockey Skates
  4. Bauer Senior Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates
  5. Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skates
  6. Tour Hockey Code 9 SR Inline Hockey Skate
  7. Jackson Ultima Excel Series
  8. Jackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates
  9. Jackson Ultima Freestyle Series
  10. Jackson Ultima Artistes Series

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

The American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skates is engineered to provide skaters with ultimate power in the lightest frame.

As soon as you have these skates on you will notice the extra lateral support around the ankle that is made possible by incorporating a customized PVC injection mold in the construction.American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

This is an attempt to reduce the risk of injuries and pain caused by low ankle support on skates.

The inner liner has thin but comfortable padding which offers a tailored fit and feels to the feet.

A solid nylon blade holder keeps the stainless steel blade firmly in place while the durable toe box ensures that your skates are not prone to damage by aggressive usage.

Performance Edge carbon steel blades will help you get amazing grip and speed on the ice which is something even beginners can look forward to. They are sharp and probably the best part of these skates.

The size seems to be true to shoe size but we weren’t overly impressed with the fit. The skates were comfortable to start with but according to some users, the skates tend to feel hard and uncomfortable after a while of skating.American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate black

For closure, these skates sport the traditional lacing system which provides a secured lockdown and also provides you with a good amount of flex to confidently lean forward and apply pressure.


  • Affordable
  • High-grade stainless steel blade
  • Durable frame
  • Decent padding and comfortable inner lining


  • Needs time to break-in
  • Some users mentioned poor ankle support

AmazonDBX Ice Hockey SkatesDBX Ice Hockey Skates

Adjustable skates are excellent options for kids with growing feet. With an adjustable feature, you don’t have to worry about replacing the skates within a short time as the pair can be adjusted up to a couple of sizes up.

The DBX Ice Hockey Skates are designed for children’s recreational skating purposes and a great pair to help your child reach his/her goal of becoming a pro at the game.

The quality of the construction and components on the skates are durable and made to provide satisfactory results on the ice rink.

Your child will be able to glide on the ice effortlessly with the high-grade stainless steel blade and the overall solid built of the skates.DBX Ice Hockey Skates red

The boots are soft but sturdy and ready to protect the feet from impact. Ankle support is doubled with padded liner and secured lockdown with a buckle and hook and loop closure.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable size
  • Secured closure
  • Enhanced ankle support


  • The product for sale is a pre-owned pair of skates which are labeled as ‘like new’ condition

AmazonBauer Senior Vapor X500 Ice Hockey SkatesBauer Senior Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates junior

If you want the best performing hockey skates for the money then we suggest that you start looking into Bauer’s line of products.

The brand has earned its reputation of manufacturing skates that deliver exactly what skaters need and a great example is the Senior Vapor X500 model.

These mid-level skates feature reinforced Trueform PU boots with x-rib patterns and a low volume fit.

Built for speed and precision, the stakes offer all-round support to the ankles and heel while also gripping the foot for a customized fit.

The hydrophobic microfiber lining and inner padding take on the shape of the skater’s foot as heat is formed which helps to reduce the time required to break in while keeping the feet dry throughout the skating session.

Bauer’s lightweight blade holder has a narrow structure and is positioned a bit higher than the company’s older versions of hockey skates.Bauer Senior Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates

This allows skaters to get low and turn easily.

The stainless steel blades can be swapped and replaced when damaged or worn-out so you can always keep your performance on the check.

It is the best hockey skates for flat feet.


  • Built for speed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Removable blades
  • Heat moldable padding
  • Great ankle support


  • If you prefer stiff boots then you may not be too pleased with these boots as they run slightly on the softer side

AmazonBauer Senior Vapor X400 Ice Hockey SkatesBauer Senior Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates

Another model from the Bauer Vapor series, the X400 features all of the popular features found on Bauer’s top line of skates.

The Vapor X400 also incorporates the V-fit profile and the X-Rib pattern.

You will notice that the skates have a standard width and a low-volume structure from the toe-box to the fore-foot but they tend to get narrower around the heels and the ankles.

The unique structure of the TrueForm Tech PU shell not only strengthens the construction but also promotes better heel and ankle support.

The Vapor X400 is designed to enable skaters to take difficult turns with ease and also make crossovers quick and smooth.

A number of steps have been taken to ensure the utmost comfort and customized fitting, some of which include microfiber liners, tongue made of white felt and mid-density foam metatarsal guard and a heat molding structure.

Unfortunately, the holder on this model does not allow for blade replacement like the X500 version does but the quality of the outsole and the holder is both solid and durable.

Overall the Vapor X400 is a lightweight skate that provides a customized fit and amazing support both with its advanced technology and smart structural design to skaters of all levels.


  • Excellent heel and ankle support
  • Heat molding structure
  • Durable shell
  • Long-lasting stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight


  • Non-removable blades

AmazonLake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skates

If you are having trouble finding a pair of well-made ice skates at an affordable price for your child then check out this cool looking budget-friendly skates by Lake Placid.

The Summit is designed for boys who love to skate on the ice rink and for parents who wish to see their child skating away in skates that are safe, durable, and comfortable to wear.Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skates

The child-friendly design of the skate ensures that the boots provide maximum support to your little one’s feet and protect their ankles and heels from strains and serious injuries.

The best thing about these skates is that they are adjustable up to 4 sizes which means that your child can wear them even with growing feet.

You can also get your children to share the skates among siblings or friends, thanks to the size-adjustable feature.

For interior support and comfort, the inner lining consists of insulated soft-tec foam that creates a warm and plush-like surrounding for the feet.

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skates blueThe stainless steel blades are tough and enable skaters to pick up speed and skate with finesse on the ice rink while maintaining a good grip for safety from beginning to end.

We also liked the locking buckle and the power-strap on the skates which provide amazing lockdown and a better fit.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes
  • Warm and comfortable inner lining/padding
  • Durable blade
  • Great ankle and heel support
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The blades run long which makes balancing a bit tricky
  • Blades may need sharpening before skating for the first time

AmazonTour Hockey Code 9 SR Inline Hockey SkateTour Hockey Code 9 SR Inline Hockey Skate red

Next up we have the Hockey Code 9 SR Inline Hockey Skates by Tour.

These are not meant for ice hockey as the name already suggests, these are inline stakes for hockey so the runner or the blade is replaced by inline wheels among other structural differences.

To begin with, the Code 9 Senior is equipped with patented force speed formula control wheels that have a hardness of 78A. They are supported by BEVO Silver-5 race rated chrome bearings for maximum speed and distance coverage.

Holding the wheels and connecting them to the skate boot is the Tri-Coil XT Eviction aluminum chassis. The frame is solid and provides excellent support and durability to the overall structure of the skates.Tour Hockey Code 9 SR Inline Hockey Skate

With DPS technology you have the option of placing larger wheels in the front which many skaters prefer as it aids in creating stability and precision in the game.

The upper part has a solid nylon exterior with thick inner lining and padding around the ankle for resistance to shock.

The closure system follows the traditional lace-up style with a thick 2-piece felt Traxx tongue to reduce lace bite and promote easy forward flex.

As entry-level skates, Code 9 Senior outshines many of its competitors within the price range and makes way for new skaters to explore the game and improve their skills in an affordable and stylish way.


  • Reinforced ankle support
  • Comfortable padding
  • High speed
  • Durable frame
  • Ideal for beginners


  • The boots are stiff and take time to break-in
  • A few reports on faulty hardware

AmazonJackson Ultima Excel Series

Open doors for the champion skater in you with the Jackson Ultima Skates.

The first Jackson Figure Skate was developed by Don Jackson, the 1962 World Figure Skating Champion who together with his brother Bill founded the company and started the family business of manufacturing these skates.

We have included 4 of the best skates from the Jackson Ultima line of skates on our list today.Jackson Ultima Excel Series

The first is the Jackson Ultima Excel model JS1290, JS1291, and JS1294 in white.

Designed for the beginner level female skater with the passion for becoming a pro at the game, the Excel skates are classy and ready for action.

The Vinyl coated boot comes with a synthetic lining while the tongue is coated with vinyl but has a foam added construction for superior support and snug fit.

The tongue is also made from mesh fabric for added comfort and reduced lace bite.

The PVC outsole holds the Ultima Mark II blade which is securely attached with screws for the best fixture.  The blades are strong and will have a lot of grip on the ice for beginners to move with ease.Jackson Ultima Excel Series color

The stronghold and high-quality construction provide skaters with the confidence to give their best on the ice rink and work their way up the skill levels.

The skates have amazing ankle support which is essential for both the skates and the skater to perform with precision and finesse.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to break-in
  • Great ankle support
  • Stylish design


  • No drawbacks reported

AmazonJackson Ultima Figure Ice SkatesJackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates

Next up we have the Jackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates in the models JS180, JS181, and JS184 also for women and girls.

These skates are rather budget-friendly which makes them ideal for first-time skaters or those returning to the sport after a long gap.

As any form of skating can be risky for skaters who are still learning the moves and techniques of the game, it becomes crucial for new skaters to start off with the best pair of skates that are designed for safety and comfort.

With the Jackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates, you will be able to master balancing and accurately make patterns on the rink.

The vinyl boot looks stylish and wraps around the foot for a true fit while the padded tongue and rolled padded collar provide maximum support and warmth.

The laces run smooth across the upper, giving the skates a customized shape that also helps to achieve a secured lockdown.Jackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates kids

Solid PVC outsole and the patented Mark I stainless steel blade completes the construction of the skates.


  • Affordable
  • Fashionable design
  • Durable outsole
  • Easy to balance on blades


  • The lace hooks have been reported to be prone to damage or breakage
  • Included laces could run short

AmazonJackson Ultima Freestyle Series

For all-around performance for both men and women check out the Freestyle Series by Jackson Ultima.

Jackson Ultima Freestyle SeriesThe models under these series are DJ2190, DJ2191, DJ2192, and DJ2193.

If you can afford to spend a little more then these freestyle skates will not disappoint you with their quality and performance.

To start with, the upper is an absolute beauty, not only in looks but also in terms of design, comfort, and support.

The upper consists of a rolled padded collar and a leather tongue with foam filling that delivers a snug fit and superb comfort and warmth.

The inner is also fully padded with an anti-microbial lining that keeps the feet dry and odorless. It allows skaters to perform with confidence by reducing moisture build-up caused by sweat and trapped heat.

You will notice a customized fit with the asymmetrically shaped padding system surrounding the foot as you step into the stylish boots.

As for the outsole, it is made from a blend of layered cork and leather to give the skates light-weight feel and effortless maneuverability.Jackson Ultima Freestyle Series black

The Aspire blades are secured attached with screws for the best possible hold, eliminating any chances of damage or poor stability.


  • Ideal for freestyle figure skating
  • Available for men and women
  • Easy to break-in
  • Can be used for intermediate skating
  • Reliable performance


  • The blades can be and do require adjustments to be made for individual comfort which is a feature in the design made for customer satisfaction but some customers found this to be a little inconvenient.

AmazonJackson Ultima Artistes SeriesJackson Ultima Artistes Series white

Last but not the least we have the Jackson Artistes, another all-purpose skate equipped with all the brand’s exclusive features and consisting of high-end components.

Comfort and durability are top notches with these skates where skaters can enjoy performing in style and confidence.

These skates sport the Ultima Mark IV high-grade chrome blades that are designed to do it all. They are attached to the PVC outsole with screws which make them easy to adjust to each individual’s preference and comfort level.

The upper comes with microfiber lining and mesh/leather tongue backed by foam. The contoured back-strap and memory foam padding around the ankle offer superb support for forwarding flex and protection from injuries caused by poor technique.Jackson Ultima Artistes Series black

The overall flexibility of the skates is great, allowing skaters to move on the ice rink and accurately make patterns.

Designed for advanced beginners who have knowledge of basic ice skating and are currently working on spins and jumps.

With a larger toe pick the skates are also very easy to balance on.

And this is the best hockey skates for beginners.


  • Designed for advanced beginners
  • Can be used for spins and jumps
  • Adjustable blade
  • Comfortable paddingJackson Ultima Artistes Series
  • Microfiber lining keeps the feet dry and fresh
  • Excellent ankle support


  • Poor construction of lace hooks
  • Takes a while to break-in

AmazonBenefits Of Ice Hockey Skates

Benefits Of Ice Hockey

For most people, ice hockey is a risky sports game, and not many like to take part in it for the fear of getting seriously injured. But not many know about the mental and physical health benefits that the sport has to offer.

There is no denying that there are risks involved and it isn’t the easiest sport to play but if you are keen on learning and can protect yourself by wearing the right equipment and cautiously improving on your skills then you will be amazed at the wonders it does for your well being.

Helps You Stay In Shape

Ice hockey is a great form of cardio that gets your heart rate up and helps you shed unhealthy fats. Just like running, swimming, and cycling, this sport ensures that your heart muscles are strengthened and risks of heart diseases are reduced. If you want to burn some excess body fat and get into better shape then ice hockey can help you reach your goal.

Gain Muscle Mass

If you are afraid to include a lot of cardio into your training routine for the fear of losing some muscles along with the fat then you will be glad to know that ice hockey works in a different manner. It is more of a strength training combined with cardio so you actually gain more muscle as you continue the sport on a regular basis.

Reduces Chances Of Injuries

The more you practice the sport the better you learn to balance-thus building more strength and overall resistance to injuries and sickness.

Improves Brain Power

Because ice hockey is a strategic game you eventually learn more about physic laws that gets the brain working faster. In order to get better at the game, you need to put in a lot of effort mentally which sharpens your brain and enables you to apply your new-found mental strength in your everyday life too.

Builds Confidence

It is not a hidden fact that playing any kind of sports does wonder for self-confidence but ice hockey takes your confidence level to a whole new level. As it takes a lot of guts to start playing ice hockey, you start to feel good about yourself, and the praises you receive from other players and your loved ones just add to the confidence boost.

Great Way To Socialize

Unless you like to always play the game alone, which kind of makes no sense and is a little unusual, you will be able to meet new people and make friends much faster. It is also a great way to learn about teamwork and communication.

So there you have it, these were only a few ways in which ice hockey improves your life but there are many more benefits which you will be able to experience as you start to take part in the activity.


Best Hockey Skates Buying Guide!


Picking a pair of hockey skates does not only come down to choosing the one that looks the best or fits your budget. Of course the aesthetics and price matter but there are some major considerations that need to be made to ensure that your chosen pair of skates do you justice when you are out there trying to do your best.

We will start by going over the components of a hockey skate and also the parts involved in the construction because in order for you to pick a model you need to know the equipment well.


This is what resembles a shoe as it is what covers your foot but it does more than just wrap around your foot. Hockey boots are made up of many parts which we will cover below and each part plays an important role in providing you with the support and comfort you need to skate well.


These attach the runners (blades) to the bottom of the boots. Some hockey skates have holders that include runners as one piece but it is always best when the runners are separate parts that are attached to the holders.


Runners are the blades that are held by the holders. Hockey skates do not have wheels they have steel blades instead which skaters balance themselves on while skating.


Hockey skate boots have liners placed inside to provide skaters with comfort. These liners are usually made of different kinds of foam and they are there for the necessary padding and protection from impacts.

Look for liners with antimicrobial properties for protection against the growth of bacteria and to reduce the chances of odor.

Some liners can also be molded or have the support of memory foam. These are the best kinds if you are looking for a customized fit.


These are found on the inner side of the boots and are used as a top layer for the bottom of the inside. The foot-bed should be designed to provide your feet with a comfortable stepping platform capable of reducing strain and discomfort.

Most skates come with removable inserts while some can also be heat molded to permanently contour the foot-bed to the shape of your feet.

A less permanent solution is to incorporate memory foam which also takes on the shape of the skater’s foot but only gradually with prolonged use.

Heel Support

Make sure the area of the heel provides maximum support because without proper heel support you will not be able to skate for long without pain.

Heel pockets on skates secure the heel and make way for stability and balance.

Ankle Support

Just like heels, your ankles should feel secure and well supported in order to skate without the risk of injuries. Skates normally come with padding of some sort around the ankle area that provides support and a better hold.


To reduce the chances of lace bite and also for all-round comfort, a protective cover usually with foam filling is placed just below the laces on the top front part of the boot.

Boot Shell

Also known as the Quarter Package, it is responsible for providing flexibility to the foot and durability to the boot. Aluminum shells are quite common as they are solid and capable of enduring the impacts of aggressive skating.


The outsole is the hard bottom of the boot, just like you would find on most footwear. Because the blade holder is attached to the outsole of the boot, it is required that this part of the skate is solid and perfectly aligned with both the holder and the boot.


Let’s Watch Other Best Hockey Skates Video Review!

How To Determine Which Pair Of Skates Is Right For You

Each skater has his or her own individual style and just because a model is the best seller or has high-end features does not necessarily mean that it will work for you.

Fortunately determining which model of skates will be best suited for you is easy. You just need to ask yourself a few questions that should clear all the confusion.

Start by asking yourself what your personal style of skating is. For a beginner, this may not be an easy question to answer because they probably haven’t figured out a style yet but if you have some experience then you should know the answer to this.

For beginners, they can instead maybe decide on what style of skating they would like to go forward with and master along the way.

Next, you need to be aware of your hockey skating skill level. Note that not all the hockey skates are designed for beginners. Some models are for advanced beginners while some are for experienced skaters only.

The good news is that many skates that are designed for beginners can also be used by intermediate level skaters so if you are just starting out you can use those skates even as you improve in the field.

To be sure of how well the skates perform you can also check out what other customers have to say about the product. Sites like Amazon have customer reviews that pretty much give you all the information you need to know about the product you have in mind.

Finally, see that the skates fit within your budget. Hockey skates tend to be a bit pricier when compared to regular inline skates or roller skates so be prepared to spend more.

However, don’t be disheartened because there are many hockey skates on the market with affordable prices and high-quality construction.

Most of the skates we listed above for you are among some of the best-priced ones where you get a greater value than what you spend so it is a good place to start your search from.

Hockey Skates Safety Tips!

Hockey skating is a fun sport but you can easily hurt yourself if you do not take precautions before, during and after the game. Safety is a priority and whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, you need to follow some safety rules in order to prevent serious injuries.

While a skilled hockey player or skater will be familiar with a lot of techniques and know-how to carefully perform them, a beginner needs to be extra cautious to avoid accidents.

Here we share some safety tips with you that can help make all the difference between a safe game and a disastrous one.

Always Wear Protective GearsHockey Skates Safety Tips!

There are a number of protective gear that a hockey player/skater needs to wear during a game or practice. Gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets are some of the most important ones. We recommend skaters to never step on the ice rink or any skating platform without a helmet because one slip and fall could severely hurt the head.

A helmet will protect the head from impact just like all the other protective gear is designed to protect certain parts of the body.

Invest In The Right Size Of Skates

It is very important to wear the correct size and pair of skates that fit like a hand in a glove. This is to ensure that the feet, ankles, and heel are all supported and protected. Small skates will cause discomfort but oversized or lose skates will cause a skater to lose balance and fall, which could be even more vital.

Make Sure Your Skates Are In Perfect Condition

Before you step out or even slip on the skates make sure that they are safe from damage. You must check that the blades are sharp and the closure system (laces, buckles, and straps) are all in good condition.

Avoid Wearing More Than One Pair Of Sock And Stick To Thin Ones

You may be tempted to wear really thick socks or double up on them for extra warmth or for a snug fit but it is not recommended and can lead to discomfort and loss of stability.

Beginners Should Stay Away From A Crowd

Just like a poor swimmer who grabs on to anything or anyone next to him or her in a state of panic, a beginner skater will also most likely cause other skaters in contact to fall upon loss of balance by bumping against them or pulling them down. This is dangerous because the collision of two or more skaters can cause more harm than when one single skater falls. The blades are particularly risky and can cause injury to another skater nearby.

Warm-Up Before A Game

A general rule in any physical activity or sport- you must always warm-up before practice or a real game to prevent muscle strains and other injuries.

Tie Your Laces Well

A simple mistake can have serious consequences and in this matter, a loose lace can cause you to trip and fall. Make sure you have tied the laces tightly and secured all the buckles and straps properly.

Not All Skates Come Sharpened

Some need to be sharpened even before the first use while some arrive ready for action. Nevertheless, you need to sharpen the blades on your skates or have them replaced if your skates allow doing so.

Blunt skates will be difficult to stand and balance on and can also cause you to fall when taking turns or spinning.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have my skates sharpened?

You can take them to a local hockey or ice skating workshop. Never try to work on your skates on your own, sharpening needs to be done by professionals at the workshop.

How are hockey skates sized?

Most hockey skates will be around one size smaller than your standard shoe size but for the best sizing information always check the product’s size chart.

What is the difference between Anatomical, Classic, and Tapered fit?

Anatomical fit is the most common fit where the skates feel snug and perfectly wrapped around the feet. Classic fit is ideal for bigger or wider feet while a tampered fit is for skaters with narrow feet.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading our reviews of the 10 Best Hockey Skates on the market and will now be able to make a better decision when you are out to purchase the right skates for you.

If you are new to the sport then we recommend sticking to mid-range models until you are more comfortable with moving on to the high-end skates that often have a more stiff design.

Avoid cheapskates all together as they are not only prone to damage but they also offer no support to the foot which could lead to ankle sprain and other injuries.

By comparing and carefully picking a pair of well-made hockey skates you will be allowing yourself an opportunity to perform your best and also get the most out of your skating experience.



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