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7 Best Rollerblades For Men, Women & Kids Review!

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There are so many reasons for one to start rollerblading, also known as inline skating, and trust us when we say that not many people know how much it does for one’s well being. Today you are going to read our complete best rollerblades.

Even those who have been rollerblading for years may not be aware of the many benefits that come with the activity while some are into it just to stay active or because it is super fun.

It is super fun alright but rollerblading is more than just that.

If you are new into the sport and need a pair of rollerblades to get you started or you want to replace your old pair then check out our list of the 7 best rollerblades on the market where we have reviewed each item individually.

Later in the post, we have also included some interesting content for you on the benefits of inline skating and explained the factors that need to be considered while you are shopping for the perfect pair of rollerblades.


7 Best Rollerblades Product Reviewed!

In this section, we reviewed 7 of the best rollerblades for you. What are those? Let’s see the list:

  1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skates
  2. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skates
  3. Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate
  4. Roller Derby Girl’s FIRESTAR Roller Skates
  5. Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates
  6. Riedell Skates-Dart Ombre- Quad Roller Speed Skate
  7. Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skates

The Zetrablade by Rollerblade is designed for adult men who are beginners or intermediate skaters.Best Rollerblades

If you are in search of your very first pair of inline skates then you will need something that can make learning easier and fun and this model promises to do just that.

The wheels on the Zetrablade are RB 80mm with a hardness of 82A. They are supported by SG5 bearings that provide skaters with the right blend of speed and control.

The high cuff and low balance shell ensure that skaters get maximum support and stability by being closer to the ground. This also allows new skaters to build confidence and work on their skills much faster.

The liners and padding provide excellent cushioning which increases comfort and reduces the risk of injuries or sore feet.

For closure, the Zetrablade has incorporated multiple styles such as the buckle, strap, and lace-up. The buckle and straps are fast to work with while the lace closure supplies a secured fit that is necessary for safe skating.

The monocoque frame is durable and constructed in the best possible manner to ensure product longevity, support, and balance for skaters of all levels.

ProsRollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skates 2

  • Affordably priced
  • Ideal for adult beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Smooth and fast-rolling wheels
  • High cuffs and low profile for stability
  • Multiple closure system


  • Brake construction may be weak
  • According to some customers, the size of the skates may run small

AmazonBladerunner By Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skates

The Advantage Pro XT has incorporated a built-in frame with a low profile structure to design a skate that allows beginner skaters to have more control and confidence to take their skill level much higher and be absolutely safe while doing so.

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline SkatesAs an entry-level skater you will need as much support as possible and the Advantage Pro XT model from the reputable brand Rollerblade makes sure that you feel at ease and secured as soon as you have these on.

With 80mm/78A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings in the hardware, you can expect smooth and fast spinning and effortless maneuverability. The wheels have a medium-range when it comes to hardness which is ideal for skaters who are still working on their skills and building their personal skating style and range.

To prevent injuries and provide support to the ankle and the rest of the feet, the skate comes with a reliable closure system that consists of the buckle, power-strap, and lace.

ProsBladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skates green

  • Smart closure system and comfortable padding
  • The frame is integrated with the shell and offers high stability and balance with the low structured design
  • Smooth and durable wheels
  • Moderate speed
  • Includes brake
  • Best rollerblades for street


  • Some customers mentioned that the boots were not aligned well with the frame
  • Reports of loose wheels
  • The brakes are not removable

AmazonRoller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

If you are like us and always look for adjustable features on a product then you will love the V-Tech 500 skates by Roller Derby.

This super-affordable set of skates adjusts up to 4 sizes with a simple push of a button which means that you can share your skates with friends or family members if needed to or just enjoy the same pair for yourself even after your feet grow a few sizes.

The V-Tech 500 comes with Urethane wheels that measure 76mm, supported by Gold-7 race rated chrome bearings for speed and friction-free performance.Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

The boot has a hard shell with liner and padding that offer great comfort and protection from impact while skating on various surfaces.

If you are a beginner or have intermediate skating skills and need an adjustable pair to fit a low budget then this model of rollerblades is ideal for you.

The high cuffs, cam-lever buckles, and incorporated brake all add up to provide new skaters with the safety and stability required to skate with more confidence.

There are no laces in the closure system so you don’t have to worry about wasting time tying up laces but this may also affect the overall fit as having laces actually provide wearers with a better fit and all-around security.


  • Budget-friendlyRoller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate blue
  • Adjustable size
  • Lightweight frame
  • Comes with a carrying loop
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Not ideal for long time skating as some users reported the skates to lack comfort
  • Hard plastic tongue
  • Intends to squeak

AmazonRoller Derby Girl’s FIRESTAR Roller Skates

Looking for a pair of roller skates for girls? The FIRESTAR by Roller Derby is one of the best sellers when it comes to roller skates for children and we are about to find out why.

These are quad skates so they come with 2 front and 2 rear wheels. The wheels are 54mm and come with the standard 608 size bearings.

The size of the wheels and quality and speed of the bearings are very crucial especially in children’s skates as they determine the smoothness of the rides and ensure that children remain while skating both indoors and outdoors.Roller Derby Girl’s FIRESTAR Roller Skates

For maximum support and a better fit, the skates combine a lace closure system with Velcro straps.

The torsion beam frame is light in weight so your child can have control over the skates and also enjoy effortless skating for longer periods of time.


  • Comfortable fit
  • The design looks sporty and stylish
  • Secured lace and Velcro strap closure
  • Durable hardware and construction


  • Non-adjustable

AmazonChicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

For all those ladies out there who want to own a pair of classic quad skates, look no further these classic roller skates by the well-known brand Chicago.

Sometimes classic is the way to go and if you want to look elegant while skating on the rink then a pair of traditional quad skates like these are worth investing in.Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

The easy lacing system comes with eyelets and speed hooks which allow you to make any required adjustments for a better fit and more support.

The aluminum base plate includes adjustable truck and chassis, jump bar and 5/8 inch adjustable toe-stop that ensure total control and precise turning.

The 60mm urethane wheels and 608 standard sized bearings allow skaters to enjoy the decent speed and smooth skating both indoors and outdoors.

Best for recreational purposes, the Women’s Classic Roller Skates are designed to allow ladies to enjoy skating with their friends or bond with their kids by joining them on the rink or cruising around the neighborhood.


  • Classic look
  • Traditional and durable construction
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Adjustable hardware


  • Low speed
  • Poorly constructed brakes

AmazonRiedell Skates-Dart Ombre- Quad Roller Speed Skate

A good looking pair of skates will not necessarily mean a well-made pair of skates but in the case of the Dart Ombre by Riedell, skaters tend to get lucky.Riedell Skates-Dart Ombre- Quad Roller Speed Skate

These stylish quad skates feature unique two-tone color boots that enable users to look fashionable while also having all the necessary features to ensure top-notch performance.

With a die-cast, aluminum plate and the high-quality hardware such as strong metal trucks, tough wheels and friction-free bearings,  the Dart Ombre skates are designed for durability and user comfort.

The boots are made of breathable vinyl for maximum airflow while retaining the right amount of stiffness for prolonged use.

Users will also enjoy a snug fit with perfect padding and a high-grade foam tongue.  Buyers are recommended to check out the size chart before ordering these skates to ensure that the right size is delivered to them.Riedell Skates-Dart Ombre- Quad Roller Speed Skate green

The 62mm wheels have a durometer of 93A which means that the wheels are quite hard and ideal for speedy rides. They are also hardwearing and suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

The low boot design may not be everyone’s style of preference but they still manage to provide maximum ankle support and all-around foot security.


  • Unique and stylish visuals
  • Durable hardware
  • Tough and smooth-rolling wheels
  • Firm closure system


  • Low boot design may not appeal to all
  • Getting the perfect fit may be an issue for some

AmazonRollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate

When searching for the perfect pair of inline skates for children we all need the assurance that the skates are comfortable and will provide our kids with maximum support and safety.

Rollerblade knows what parents need and that is why their line of children’s skates are so popular.Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate  

The Spitfire has a lightweight structure and a low profile design so the skates are easy for kids to handle while staying closer to the ground for maximum stability.

With high cuff, well made padded lining and multiple closure styles incorporated, kids will be able to enjoy a well and secure fit while also being safe from user fatigue caused by the poorly constructed interior.

The 72mm wheels have a hardness of 80A and run on SG3 bearings for noise-free and smooth performance.


  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes
  • The comfortable inner lining and all-around foot support
  • Low profile structure ensures a better balance
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Best rollerblades for kids


  • Not many negative reviews but a few customers mentioned that the bearings were not of very high quality

AmazonBenefits Of Rollerblading

Benefits Of Rollerblading

Rollerblading may seem like an ordinary sport that one enjoys for recreational purposes only while some professional inline skaters master skills to take part in competitions where they show off their wonderful talents and tricks.

But today we are going to be discussing some of the health benefits of rollerblading which you probably didn’t know.

Can Help You Maintain Your Weight

Did you know that rollerblading is also a form of cardiovascular exercise? Even though you are being transported in wheels, this form of activity actually helps you burn a lot of calories.

So if you are trying to lose some weight or shed off some fat then get your rollerblades on and spend an hour outdoors for amazing results.

Muscle Endurance

Rollerblading targets your leg muscles, hips, buttock region, and lower back muscles as much as running or bicycling. With regular skating, you will be able to build strength and also improve your balance.

Improve Your Posture And Reduce Fatigue

We mentioned how rollerblading can help you improve your balance which is one of the main things required in any physical activity. With improved balance, you will start to notice better walking posture and a huge reduction of fatigue-thus also taking care of your safety during other exercises.

Fight Diseases

When you rollerblade regularly your heart condition improves because along with Benefits Of Rollerblading 2strengthening your lower body muscles your heart muscle is also positively affected.

People with or at risk of diabetes caused by an unhealthy diet or lifestyles are often advised to include physical activity in their daily routine and rollerblading is an excellent activity for the cause. It strengthens and also helps burn off unhealthy fat-thus keeping you active and fit.

Prevent Injuries

The gliding motion of rollerblading does more for your body than just provide you with means of feeling the breeze against your skin and get your hair flowing in the air.

Because the sport has no sudden movements you will be safe from a lot of accidents or injuries that happen during other high impact sports or rigorous training.

With improved balance and minimum risk involved, rollerblading is one of the safest forms of exercise once you know the basics.

Great For Your Mental Health

Wondering how skating can make you feel happy? Well, just like many other forms of exercise, skating helps to release good endorphins which are happy hormones for the brain. You will notice that your mind is clearer and you are able to fight off negative thoughts with more confidence.


Best Rollerblades Buying Guide!

Best Rollerblades Buying Guide

We recommend considering these factors to evaluate the model or models of rollerblades you are interested in buying so you don’t end up with something that is of no use to you or does not serve its purpose right.

By keeping these points in mind you will be able to pick the right rollerblade for your needs.

Type Of Inline Skating

Before you start searching for a rollerblade it is important for you to know exactly what type of skating you are more interested in and what your skill levels are.

You could be a regular or professional skater or you could someone who just enjoys skating for recreational purposes.

When you know to what extreme you will be active while having your rollerblades on, you will be able to decide on what features or factors you can go easy on and what you cannot afford to compromise with.

The 4 main types of inline skating fall under the criteria of fitness, race, recreation, and urban.

Who Is It Made For?

There may be a lot of unisex products on the market but when it comes to rollerblades which are basically footwear, you will notice that they are categorized and available for men, women, girls, and boys.

This has more to do with the design than visuals because men and women do not have the same foot shape, even if the size is the same.

But then again, there may be exceptions and you can get the correct information from the site you are shopping from. You should be able to find the information in the product description.

Materials And Construction

Two things you need to keep in mind when checking out the construction style and materials used- Safety and Comfort.

No matter what your skill levels are or how often you use your rollerblades, they must be made from durable materials and have a strong and sturdy built.

A poorly constructed frame will not only cause discomfort but may also fail on you and increase the risks of injuries.


The most common materials used to construct the frame of skates are plastic, aluminum, or carbon.

Plastic Frames: Rollerblades with plastic frames tend to be the most affordable kinds because they are not as expensive to make. They do add a bit of weight to the skates and are not as stiff or durable as aluminum or carbon frames but they still work fine on beginner level skates.

Aluminum Frames: Very popular and most commonly found on skates that are designed for those practicing at a higher level, Aluminum frames are light in weight and much more durable than plastic frames. They have just the right amount of stiffness to create the required energy to allow your skates to maneuver better and for you to push forward with ease.

Carbon Frames: Carbon Frames are incorporated in the rollerblades that are made for advanced skaters who want the lightest and greatest durability when it comes to rollerblading. They are quite expensive.


The material of the cuffs do not necessarily determine how much of a support you will get, it is how well the cuffs are designed that matters.

Cuffs can be made of plastic (high) or carbon (low), with the latter being used on rollerblades made for serious skaters performing at a professional level.

Plastic cuffs are also great and they provide skaters with adequate support when taking part in the activity for fun or leisure but if you are interested in aggressive skating or are going to be skating in marathons then carbon cuffs will serve you better.

Closure Systems

With the right kind of closure system, you can get the best comfort, a nice fit, and a feeling of security from your pair of rollerblades. There are various closure systems found in skates today with the standard lacing and Velcro straps still being two of the most commonly used ones.

Some rollerblades have 2 or 3 different closures all incorporated together to provide maximum support but if you find the multiple styles a hassle then you could just go for something that uses only one kind.

Buckles sometimes accompany lacing systems to add more support while some models of rollerblades can also be seen with a unique lacing system known as the Boa Lacing. This type of lacing uses a dial with a knob to tighten or loosen the skates.

If you want quick action and hate the thought of tying up laces then we recommend rollerblades that come with buckles or Velcro straps as the main closure system.


Wheels come in different sizes depending on your preference and comfort level. Polyurethane is the most commonly used material in the manufacturing of wheels today and even the low-end rollerblades usually have polyurethane wheels.

We do not recommend models that come with plastic wheels because plastic does not have the strength to endure much pressure and the wheels will not be able to pick up speed or perform smoothly.


If you are skating for fitness reasons or for leisure then you might want to pick a pair of rollerblades with brakes. This is particularly useful for beginners or those who are still working on their skills.

Race skates, hockey skates, and aggressive skates usually do not come with brakes as the addition of the brake piece may interfere with the performance when skating on a professional platform.


If you don’t know much about bearings and what they do then this piece of information is worth knowing.

Bearings are machine elements that look like little wheels. They are placed in wheels or anything designed for motion.Best Rollerblades-Bearings

With high-grade bearings, the wheels on the rollerblades can spin faster and without friction thus allowing skaters to pick up speed and enjoy smooth rides.

If your skates make noise or you feel a bit of friction caused by the wheels against the frames then cheaply made bearings will most likely be the reason.

Well, lubricated bearings are key to smooth rides.


Liners are placed inside the skates to provide you with maximum comfort and the best fit possible.

Standard Liners: The most basic kind of liners are standard liners made of foam. They do alright in terms of providing your feet with padding and comfort but that’s about it. If you want something that does more than just give you basic padding then you need to look into the other kinds of customized liners.

Auto-Fit: These are gel padding systems that contour to fit the shape of your feet whenever you wear your skates. They hold the shape until you have your feet on them and get back to the normal state once you remove the skates. Auto-fit liners are much better than standard liners because they are designed to automatically take the shape of the user’s feet.

Memory-Fit: These are quite similar to auto-fit liners but they are designed to remember the shape of your feet as time goes on. The gels and the pads permanently take on the pattern of your feet with prolonged use.

Heated Liners: Done by professionals, the liners are first treated with heat after which you step on them to imprint the details of your feet on them. As the liners begin to cool they become hard and contour to fit your foot perfectly.


Let’s Watch Other Best Rollerblades Video Review!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between rollerblading and roller skating?

Rollerblading is also known as inline skating, in fact, inline skating is the right term used for the sport. The main difference between rollerblading and roller skating is mostly in the wheels where rollerblades have slim wheels in a single row-thus the term ‘inline’ or ‘blade’ whereas roller skates have 4 thicker wheels in two rows.

Another difference is also in the stoppers or the brakes with rollerblades having smaller brakes located at the back of the skates and roller skates having larger brakes usually mounted at the front.

There may also be some variations in the body and closure systems depending on the models.

What is the best kind of closure?

Each closure system comes with pros and cons so it really is up to the user’s preference.

Some skates such as Hockey Skates come with a single closure system while other types of skates can have multiple closure systems incorporated on a single pair.

Skates with buckles and Velcro straps are faster to put on, easy to adjust and hold on better but can be expensive and also reduce the comfort level of the whole skate.

Laced skates are usually cheaper and do not put pressure on any single points on the feet but they take up too much time to tie up, are not always easy to adjust and may come loose as you skate.

How can I stop safely while I am still on my skates?

Learning how to break takes time and practice and should be done properly to ensure safety.  There are several techniques you can learn to be able to break properly and the most frequently used techniques involve generating friction by dragging the brake pad, pushing against something with your hands, or trying to kill your speed by rolling over grass.

As you learn to master braking you will also be able to control your speed and balance yourself on one foot.

What kind of maintenance do these rollerblades require?

Rollerblades are easy maintenance in general but some parts such as the wheels, brake, and bearings may need a bit of maintenance every now and then in order to give you satisfactory performance every time.

Most of the mentioned components need lubrication and cleaning so they can run smoothly. We also recommend trying to avoid skating on areas with a lot of sand and water because these elements tend to cause the most damage to the skates.

How can I figure out the right size of rollerblades for myself or for my child?

There should be a size chart available with the selling site you are interested in buying from but you should know that the size of skates is usually the same size as the shoes you or your child wears normally.

As most skates follow your regular shoe size so it shouldn’t be difficult to pick the right size but keep in mind that other matters such as the closure system and shape of the skates could determine the fit.

Always check the size chart and also read customer reviews on the product because buyers usually write about the fit and comfort level of the product on their reviews.

Final Thoughts

It is time for us to wrap up this article. We hope the reviews and buying guide has helped you learn a bit more about rollerblading and the available products on the market today.

Remember to compare each product and follow the guide we put up for you so that you find the best rollerblades to fit your needs without wasting time or money on the wrong pair.




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