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Bones Red Bearings Review: Best Bearing Buyer’s Guide!

Bones Red Bearings Review!

We will not be exaggerating when we say that Bones bearings are the first choice among skaters when it comes to purchasing the best and most durable bearings for a skateboard. Today you are going to read our complete Bones Red Bearings Review.

The reason why these bearings are so popular among skaters is that they are made specifically for skateboards which means that their design and built should fulfill all requirements to qualify as the perfect skateboard hardware.Bones Red Bearings Review

If you are not familiar with skateboard hardware or do not have much knowledge of bearings then we will be glad to provide you with some basic information on what these little steel rings do and why you need them.

But we are not really here to talk about bearings in general, for today’s post we are going to be Bones Red Bearings Review, which are skateboard bearings made in China.

Now the reason why we mentioned the manufacturing country is that the founder of the Bones brand, George Powell first worked with industry in Switzerland to design and manufacture high-end skateboard bearings under the Swiss line but those bearings were pretty expensive for the average skaters.

In order to meet the demands and budgets of the average skaters, Bones released the Reds skateboard bearings that had the same design and built but only this time they were manufactured in China and sold at a much cheaper price.

So that basically explains the history of the Bones Red and how they became so popular among most of the skaters today.

Now if you are interested in getting these bearings for your skateboard or even for your inline skates or roller skates (in which case you will need 2 packs of the Bones Red 8 pack bearings) we are here to give you a detailed Bones Red Bearings Review.

In the process, we will also explain what the work of bearings is why you need high-quality bearings to get the best skating experience.

Let’s roll (pun intended!)


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Breakdown Of The Bones Reds Bearings

Breakdown Bones Reds Bearings

Skateboard Rating Of The Bones Reds Bearings

One thing that sets Bones bearings apart from regular bearings is that they do not come with ABEC ratings so they do not have any rating on them as such but we do know that they are built especially for skateboards.

Standard Size Of The Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Red Bearings 2The Bones Reds come with the standard measurements of most skateboard bearings. They have an outer ring that measures 22mm in diameter, an inner ring of 8mm, and a width of 7mm.

These are standard 608 bearings and can be used on most skateboards unless the boards have been modified.

If your board comes with an 8mm axle then these will fit perfectly, and they are equally suited for roller skates or in-line skates but make sure to get two boxes because you will need 16 bearings in total.

Single Rubber Shield Of The Bones Reds Bearings

With rubber shields on one side of the bearings, the hardware will be protected against dust and moisture thus be able to roll faster and smoother for longer.

Single side shields mean that one side of the bearing is left bare which promotes speed. Rubber shields on both sides do not necessarily mean that the bearings are protected better because it is normally one side that gets the most exposure to outside elements.


Easy Cleaning Of The Bones Reds Bearings

The rubber shields are removable so you can easily get the bearings cleaned and lubricated whenever required. By cleaning the bearings every now and then or when you know that your skateboard has been in places it shouldn’t have, you will keep the performance on the check and things will run smoothly.

This also prolongs the life of the bearings and helps to keep your wheels rolling at full speed.

Pre-Lubricated of The Bones Red Bearings

We just love the speed cream that the manufacturers use to lubricate the bearings from the start because the cream ensures that the bearings cause minimal to no friction and also saves you the hassle of lubricating them yourself.

The pre-lubrication lasts quite a while before any further maintenance is required.

Nylon Ball Retainer Of The Bones Red Bearings Bones Red Bearings 6

The ball bearing retainer or the ball bearing cage is made of high-quality nylon which does a remarkable job of separating the balls and adding a great deal of strength to the bearings.

There are no spacers or washers included with the Reds which a lot of customers mentioned in their reviews so if you need the items you will have to purchase them separately.


  • Removable shields for easy cleaning
  • Minimum friction
  • Comes pre-lubricated
  • High speed
  • Durable construction
  • Value-added performance at an affordable price


  • Does not include spacers or washers
  • A few customers reported that the bearings caused a bit of noise when skating and needed to be cleaned quite often


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit these bearings into my in-line skates?

Yes, the Reds fit and work perfectly well on in-line and roller skates but you will need a total of 16 pieces for a set which means that you will need to purchase 2 boxes of the Reds as they come in packs of 8.

Does this product come with a sticker?Bones Red Bearings 3

Yes it includes a sticker

What size spacers do I need with these bearings?

If you must get spacers then choose the ones that are 8mm to make them compatible with the bearings

Can these bearings fit on 52mm wheels?

Yes. The Reds are designed to fit most standard skateboard wheels.

Bones super reds bearings on it?


Are bones reds bearings ABEC rating?


Final Verdict Of Bones Red Bearings Review

The Reds are skate rated which means that they are tested for durability and performance and the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of skateboarding such as hard landing, high impact maneuverability, and aggressive turning. With these bearings you can easily perk up the speed of your skateboard and also notice an improvement in the way the hardware performs.

If you have been hoping to upgrade your skates with some Bones Swiss bearings but cannot fit the asking price into your budget then the Reds should definitely be the next best thing on your list because these bearings are just as smooth, just as fast spinning and just as long-lasting, minus the high cost.




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