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Bones Super Reds Review: Best Bearing Buyer’s Guide!

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When you are looking for new bearings to complete or upgrade your skateboard you will be greeted with a lot of options to choose from. Today you are going to read our complete Bones Super Reds Review.

But the options aren’t the main concern here, because even though there are a number of bearings from different brands and with various ratings, it usually comes down to Bones bearings, which seems to have captured the Bones Super Reds Reviewskateboard hardware market from the very beginning.

So where is the problem you may ask? The problem is choosing the best out of the best because the range of Bones is wide and all of their best bearings are made of the best quality, so picking just one product from their line is not easy.

As most people who are familiar with the Bones bearings will know, Bones is grouped in two- Bones REDS ™ and Bones Swiss, and each group has its line of products.

We will be Bones Super Reds Review which are the improvised best bearings from the Bones REDS ™ range.

If you are looking for the best quality bearings at an affordable price then these bearings may just be what your skateboard needs in order to spice up things and improve the quality of your rides.


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What makes the Ceramic Super REDS different from the other Super REDS?

The Ceramic Super RED bearings come with ceramic balls whereas the Super REDS have steel balls.

Steel balls are the most common kinds found in bearings and although they are made from the finest of steel they are not as light or hard as ceramic balls.

Of course, this jump in quality also means that ceramic ball bearings cost more than most steel ball bearings but they last much longer and deliver an unmatched performance which clearly makes up for the little leap in price.

Features Of The Bones Super Reds

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Standard Size Of The Bones Super Reds

The Ceramic Super Reds measure at 8mm x 22mm x 7mm and are standard 608 bearings.

They are designed to fit axle shafts that have a diameter of 8mm and can be used in skateboards, inline skates, and roller skates.

Rubber Shields Of The Bones Super RedsBones Super Reds 4

The bearings have protective single contact rubber shields to protect the steel balls and inner mechanism from outside elements such as moisture, dust, and dirt.

The shields can be removed to clean the bearings whenever required and we recommend cleaning them as soon as you feel any friction or hear noise coming from the bearings. Regular checking and maintenance will keep the bearings running smooth and lasting for much longer.

Durable Nylon Ball Retainer

Equipped with an accurately spaced and solid made ball cage the chance of friction between the ceramic balls is reduced greatly.

AmazonBones Super Reds 4

Speed Cream

The Ceramic Super Reds are pre-lubricated with a special kind of speed cream that lasts longer and works much better than regular bearing oil.

The lubricant enables the bearings to spin faster and without noise. Unlike cheaply made bearings, the Ceramic Super Reds do not need to be oiled as often but we recommend using the original Bones Speed Cream with these bearings for maximum effect.

Noise Free

The difference between high-end bearings and cheap ones can easily be detected by the amount of noise produced while spinning.

These bearings spin super fast and super quiet, delivering noise-free performance without fail.Bones Super Reds 3

If however noise is heard then take that has any indication that the bearings need to either be cleaned or lubricated.

Skate Rated

Many skaters of today believe that ABEC ratings do not really explain or determine the performance of bearings and Bones is one such brand that steers clear of these ratings.

Instead, their best bearings are skate rated.

The Ceramic Super Reds are skate rated which means that they have passed all necessary tests for performance.

The ratings are an assurance that these bearings are equipped with all the right features and do not lack behind in quality or performance.

Tough And DurableBones Super Reds 10

The incorporation of ceramic balls and solid construction make these bearings extremely hardwearing and long-lasting while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Furthermore, there are no risks of the balls rusting which promotes longevity and value to the product.

The best part is that even without lubrication the bearings spin faster than its counterpart Super REDS.


  • Self-healing benefit of ceramic balls
  • Premium surface finish
  • Pre-lubricated with speed cream racing lubricant for unmatched speed and smoothness
  • Can be used on skateboards and roller skates
  • Skate Rated


  • Price is on the higher end
  • Some customer reported that not all the bearings in the set performed on the same level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these bearings fit a penny board?

As long as the axle shaft is 8mm in diameter the bearings should be a perfect fit.

Are the Ceramic bearings waterproof?Bones Super Reds 3

No, they are not but they are easy to maintain and retain quality after cleaning and oiling.

What all comes in the package?

Buyers get 8 bearings, an original Bones sticker, and instruction manual

Do they come with speed washers?

No, they do not.

Are they made in China?

Yes. All Bones Reds are made in China. Only the bearings from the Swiss line are manufactured in Switzerland.

Final Verdict Of Bones Super Reds Review

So there you go. How was the Bones Super Reds Review? Add these bearings to any skateboard or longboard and notice an upgrade in performance and speed.

They allow skaters to give their boards a boost in speed without having to speed a fortune.

Equipped with ceramic balls instead of the traditional steel balls, the bearings hold on to their original shape for longer and also have the ability to crush any debris that pushes through the rubber shield by any chance. This self-healing quality means that the bearings spin for longer without the need for frequent cleaning.

If you want to give your longboard the ultimate upgrading then investing in the Bones Ceramic Super Reds could be the best decision you make. It will make your skating experience pleasant.



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