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Bones Swiss Bearings Review: Best Bearing Buyer’s Guide!

Bones Swiss Bearings Review2

Today you are going to read our complete Bones Swiss Bearings Review. The quickest and easiest way to upgrade the performance of any skateboard is to change some of its hardware and replace them with tried and tested products.

When it comes to replacing parts or even building your skateboard from scratch, the bearings you choose can make all the difference in the performance and longevity of your whole board.

When you simply can’t compromise with quality and don’t mind spending a little in order to get the best then your search end with bearings made by Bones.Bones Swiss Bearings Review

For today’s post, we are going to be Bones Swiss Bearings Review of the Skateboard Bearings, a product that is so uniquely designed that it can’t even be compared to other bearings of the Bones Swiss range.

We are going to start off with a little history on the brand which should give you an idea of why it is so popular and no doubt the first choice of every skater out there.

How it all began…

Dating back to the early 1980s when skateboarding wasn’t much of a great deal, it had become quite a task for skaters to find high-quality bearings.

But thanks to George Powell, it was all about to change.Bones Swiss Bearings Review

George Powell traveled many places in search of manufacturers that made these bearings and finally reached Switzerland where he began to put in all his efforts to work with the Swiss in order to design and make the best skateboard bearings in the world.

Today after so many years, Bones bearings are not only super popular they are the most preferred brand of bearings among skaters of all skill levels.

As a customer, you can choose between the Bones REDS ™ and the Bones Swiss range, with the latter being the first line of bearings that were originally manufactured by the Swiss.

Bones REDs are equally amazing and cost much less than the Bones Swiss but most customers strongly state that the bearings from the Bones Swiss line are much more durable and long-lasting.

If you are interested in purchasing the Super Swiss 6 bearings then we have all the information you need below so read on to find out how these bearings work to transform and improve your skateboards riding quality.


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Features Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

Bones Super Reds fut

Unique Design Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

The Super Swiss 6 bearings contain 6 diameter balls instead of the commonly featured 7 balls in most 608 size bearings.Bones Super Reds 4

The balls are also considerably larger, measuring at 3/16 inch whereas bearings usually have 5/32 inch balls in sets of 7.

With an increase of almost 20% in size and one less ball, speed is increased and a greater amount of strength is achieved.

This unique design also helps prolong the life of the bearings and promotes higher acceleration power.

Durability Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

Along with the incorporation of 6 larger balls, the Super Swiss 6 bearings are also built to withstand all kinds of aggressive skating and high impact activity.Bones Swiss 5

Bearings, in general, are not waterproof hardware and neither are these, but they can definitely last much longer and take a good beating when compared to other bearings on the market.

Speed, strength, and super smooth performance is highly expected and achievable from these bearings.

Rubber Shields Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

To ensure that the inside of the bearings is not exposed to harmful elements such as water, dust, and dirt, they are protected by single rubber shields.

The shields are easy to remove for when you want to clean the bearings which make them effortless to maintain and keep in good condition.

Pre-Lubricated Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

Bones uses the best lubricants to get their bearings rolling smoother for longer.

The speed cream used in the pre-lubrication process works amazingly and reduces friction to the highest level. It also lasts much longer than ordinary lubricants so you will not have to keep oiling your hardware as often.


Nylon Ball Retainers Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

The ball cage has sturdy construction with accurate spacing for a no friction effect. Nylon is a durable material and the design of the ball retainers guarantees perfect motion.

Skate Rated Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

Bones Swiss 4One of the best things about these bearings is that you don’t have to bother with the complicated ABEC ratings because none of the Bones bearings come with any such rating.

Instead, these are skate rated, which means that they have already been tested for speed and performance and are made especially for skateboards and longboards.

With skate rated bearings you know that you are throwing in the best-made hardware for your skateboard.

Versatility Of The Bones Swiss Bearings

Although made for skateboards and longboards, you can successfully use these bearings on your inline, roller, or quad stakes and vastly improve their speed and performance.

As these bearings come in a set of 8 so you will need 2 packs to give your set of skates a complete upgrade.

ProsBones Swiss 2

  • Unique design features 6 large balls instead of the regular 7
  • Comes with removable rubber shields
  • Pre-lubricated with high-quality speed cream
  • Made in Switzerland


  • May be expensive for some
  • Some customers mentioned that the bearings performed better when riding downhill but didn’t roll as much on flat surfaces
  • Single shields cause the bearings to get dirty quite fast

Bones Super Reds 11

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean these bearings?

It depends on how often you skate on the damp or dusty ground. The bearings will trap dirt quicker if you skate on surfaces that have a lot of debris or moisture. We also recommend cleaning them every time you hear any grinding.Bones Super Reds 9

Can I use these bearings on my longboard?

Yes, these bearings work great on longboards.

Will the bearings be able to withstand activities that include flips?

These bearings are very strong and can withstand all sorts of aggressive skating so you can enjoy doing just about any kind of tricks on your board or skates.

Final Verdict Of Bones Swiss Bearings Review

So there you go. How was the Bones Swiss Bearings Review?  In our opinion, the Bones Super Swiss 6 is definitely one of the best skateboard bearings not only within the Bones Swiss line but also within the bearing industry and market.

As skate rated bearings, they automatically beat ordinary bearings with ABEC rating and their performance speaks for their quality.

If smooth, fast long-lasting performance is what you desire from your bearings then you will not be disappointed by the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings.



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