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Element Skateboard Review : Best Skateboard Buyer’s Guide!

Element Skateboard Review

If you like to build your skateboard from scratch but don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing every item starting from the deck to the hardware separately then you need to check out the Element Section Black. Today you are going to read our complete Element Skateboard review.

You will receive everything a complete skateboard consists of but also have the pleasure of putting all the components together to enjoy a sense of accomplishment in the end.Element Skateboard Review

If you can spare some time to assemble the product then this is an excellent way to make adjustments and customize your skateboard from the very beginning so you can get exactly the kind of performance you desire.

The brand Element is a trusted name and the materials they use to construct their skateboards are designed to last and offer reliable performance.

In this review of the Element Section Black Complete Skateboard, we are going to be taking a look at each part individually so you can decide in the end if it is worth investing time and money on.


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Package includes

  • The Element Section 7.75 x 31.5 inch Deck
  • Core Trucks
  • TGM Logo Wheels
  • ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Black Diamond Griptape
  • 1’’ Hardware
  • 1/8’’ Risers

Breakdown & Element Skateboard Review Of The Features

Breakdown & Element Skateboard Review Of The Features

The Deck Of The Element Skateboard

The Element Section deck is 31.5 inches in length and 7.75 inches wide. It is made of 7 plies of maple wood veneers that add flexibility and strength to the board.Element Skateboard

The size of the deck is just right for portability so if you are looking for a board that you can carry around then this is just the right one for you.

The design is more on the traditional side with a touch of modern characteristics which make it both stylish and durable.

With multiple layers of thin yet sturdy wood, the deck gets a unique blend of flex and stiffness, a construction that makes it great for tricks and for everyday commuting.

Lightweight Of The Element Skateboard

At first glance, the board seems to be on the heavier side with its thick and strong deck but lift it up and release how light and super easy it is to carry around.

If you need a skateboard to take you around campus or just get you real quick from point A to point B then the Element Section does the job pretty well and that too with an economical advantage.

Core Trucks Of The Element SkateboardElement Skateboard 2

The core tracks are made of heavy-duty aluminum with grade 8 steel kingpins and axles. They are supported by high-grade bushings and pivot cups for super sturdy maneuverability and smooth turning.

The durable trucks are designed for quick and friction-free turning so you can handle bends and corners effortlessly.

However, we feel that with wider trucks than the ones included the stability would have been much better.


Wheels And Bearings Of The Element Skateboard

The wheels measure 52mm which makes them safe for tricks and stable for street and park skating. If you are looking for speed then these wheels run small so they are not designed for high speed but they have an amazing level of balance and constancy.

Furthermore, the wheels have a durometer of 99A which is on a higher scale of hardness. This allows you to take theWheels Element Skateboard board for a spin on most surfaces as vibration is reduced to a great deal. With hard wheels, you can also rest assured that they will not wear out easily and can withstand harsh ground conditions.

Amphetamine bearings with an ABEC 5 rating ensure that the wheels roll without friction and spin for a longer period by maintaining speed.

Easy To Assemble

Please note that this item comes unassembled so you will have to build the skateboard yourself but we feel that that is where the beauty lies in because it allows room for modification and adjustments to be made from the start.

Assemble Of The ElementIf you want to get yourself a complete skateboard that comes assembled then this is not the model for you and you will find plenty pre-assembled skateboards on the market but if you are a passionate skater who loves putting components together to build your own board then you will enjoy every moment spent on the Element Section Skateboard.

Easy To Upgrade

The best thing about this product is that you can decide what to keep and what to replace even before the board is completed.

We found the components had the decent quality and they all served their purposes right but all we are saying is that if the need arises or if you want even better results then you can replace whatever you wish to.Element Skateboard 9


  • Strong and sturdy deck
  • Durable hardware
  • Allows customization and gives a feeling of accomplishment after the board is built from scratch
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes all components


  • The trucks are more on the narrow side which gives a slight hint of unstableness to the board
  • The fact that the board arrives un-assembled may seem like time-consuming and a hassle for some

Element Skateboard Review!..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this board good for commuting?

Yes, the compact size of the board and reliable performance make it a good commuting skateboard.Element Skateboard 7

How fast are the wheels?

The wheels roll smooth but they do not pick up too much speed as they are small in size. Speed is just about average.

Does it include grip tape?

Yes, Black Diamond Griptape is included in the package.

Can teenagers ride this board?

It is a great board for teenagers and young adults and it also makes a great beginner’s boards.

Is this element skateboard trucks review?


Is this element skateboard wheels review?


Final Verdict Of Element Skateboard Review

The Element Section Complete Skateboard consists of all necessary components, hardware, and a well-made deck to give riders a chance to build their board in the style they desire.

The deck is sturdy with just the right amount of flex while the rest of the components all work together to provide the board with all the essential support for reliable performance.

The asking price is also well under $100 which makes it an affordable option for those seeking a midrange complete board to fit their budget.



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