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How To Ice Skate: Beginners Guide To Ice Skating!

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Over the years, ice skating has become one of the most fun hobbies or careers to pick up for both youngsters and adults alike. Not only is it fun, but also graceful and requires a whole lot of talent and dedication. For some, this requirement might put them off, but if you only allow yourself to learn more about it you will be able to know that ice skating is more than just gliding over a huge block of ice with blades underneath your shoes. Ice skating can be a wonderful experience, but only if you know how to ice skate. And that is what we are here for. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be tempted to hit the store and get yourself a pair of ice skating shoes and enjoy the rest of the possibilities that come with it.

How To Ice Skate: Beginners Guide To Ice Skating

Ready to know more about how to ice skate? Let’s not waste any more time and get into the action and follow the beginner’s guide to ice skating.

What To Wear On The Feet

How To Ice SkateThis comprises of two different paths you could choose, either ice dancing or figure skating. For either option, you would find similar skates that tend to it well. If you want to pursue ice skating as a hobby only, it would be wise to start off with rental skates at first. In that way, you could make sure what works best for you. But if you plan on signing up on regular lessons, it’s better if you buy your very own skates, with a much better fit and sharper blades for smooth gliding.

As for socks, it is recommended you opt for thin microfiber socks, but not cotton socks. The cotton won’t absorb the moisture well and as a result, you might get blisters on your feet.


How To Ice Skate For BeginnersAs a beginner, you wouldn’t need a particular set of clothes either would you require an ice skating dress. But you should still dress appropriately according to the surrounding, as it can get quite cold on a rink. So just to be cautious, leggings, comfy jackets, and/or fitted tops that stay in place would be a good idea. You would want to go for something that allows flexibility and stretches well.

Another absolute must is wearing a helmet. This applies to even pros. And as a beginner, it is more required as you will definitely fall a lot on the ice. Be sure to keep your head safe by wearing a sturdy and durable helmet at all times whilst skating.

What To Do And What Not To Do


Make sure you practice warming up every time before you get onto the rink. Stretch your legs, your arms and your neck as this will relax the muscles and not keep them stiff. So even if you fall, chances are you won’t be too hurt.


ice skating tips for beginnersHow to ice skate for beginners? This is pretty simple. You need to keep practicing the moves and even falling down in order to perfect your gliding as much as you can. You don’t need to become a pro in one day, take it slow. However, don’t get disheartened if you don’t get quick results. Ice skating is a sport that requires a lot of time and dedication. But make sure it seems fun to you and not routine-like.

Don’t Fret

Naturally, as a beginner, you won’t have much control or balance over your movements. This may result in you falling down every now and then. Don’t be afraid when you fall. If you are rigid, the impact will hurt. Just let loose and fall naturally, that way the impact with the ice won’t hurt as much. Also, try keeping your hands to yourself if you fall, otherwise, other skaters might run over your fingers.

Toe Pick

skating guideAt the very front of your skating shoes, you will find yourself with a toe pick. Most people assume it is there to help you slow down or stop to a halt when you pick up too much speed. That is a totally wrong assumption as its only purpose is to assist with jumping, as the figure skater will use it to propel him or herself into the air. If you by any chance try slowly yourself forwards with that pick, be sure that you will definitely fall forwards flat on your face and get injured. Always slow down by gently pushing your blades sideways into the ice.

Go Slow

Don’t hurry or rush when you are skating. Especially when you know you’ll be nearing walls or obstacles. Learn when to slow down and pick up your pace from there.

Familiarize Yourself

You’ll see it will start getting easier for you once you are familiar with the rink and its shape. Try skating near the rails first so you can gain balance and know the ice while holding onto them. But make sure you move away from them after you learn how to balance yourself so you can try out more moves later on.

Don’t Extend Your Arms Out

This is for when you fall. You might hurt or possibly break your wrists or elbows while trying to catch your fall with your arms extended.

Learn The Moves In How To Ice Skate For Beginners

How To Ice Skate Gliding

Gliding is the most basic move in how to ice skate. Start by marching into the rink slowly then carefully stand on both feet and try to glide, using your body weight as required. Evenly distribute the weight from one foot to the other afterward to learn the one-foot glide.

How To Ice Skate Stroking

Stroking is when you interchange back and forth. Start with short glides, afterward gliding on one foot for long strokes.

How To Ice Skate Swizzles

This technique is an easy technique that allows you to boost yourself forward without having to take your feet off the ice. Keep your heels close by and your toes pointed out. Slide your feet outwards and inwards repetitively, creating the shape of an hourglass.

How To Ice Skate Crossovers

This move allows an ice skater to move about the corners of the rink seamlessly. Simply just put your outer skate over your inner skate while you glide around the corners.


How To Ice Skate Backwards

Watch the video below to see How To Ice Skate Backwards

How To Ice Skate Stop

Watch the video below to see How To Ice Skate Stop

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Is ice skating a sport that does indeed require some dedication and time?

The last ice skating tips for beginners are that it takes time and practice so don’t give up and you will soon be taking charge of the ice rink and basking in your glory. 


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