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How To Roller Skate: Roller Skating Tips For Beginners!

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Roller skating is a fun and pleasurable sport that almost anyone of any age can learn easily. Sure, it does require a little time and knowledge about the moves and techniques but that is what makes it so enjoyable in the first place. People learn roller skating for a range of reasons, maybe they want to pick up a new hobby or roller skate their way to school or to the grocery, or perhaps even take it up as their career. Whatever it may be, the first step to roller skating is to learn what it really is about and what it can allow you to do. As obvious as it is, you are probably reading this article because you are a novice in the world of skating and you want to embark on this journey but you have no clue on what and how to Roller Skate. And that is okay because this is what we are here for. So buckle up and read on to know all about the basics of roller skating comprised here, just for you.

How To Roller Skate: Roller Skating Tips For Beginners!

Ready to know more about how to roller skate for beginners? Let’s not waste any more time and get into the action and find out beginner roller skating tips.

Know Your SkatesHow to Roller Skate

The most important part of skating is identifying the kind of roller skate you will be putting on. Roller skates, otherwise known as Quad skates or 4 wheelers are made generally for all-around skating. They have two wheels at the front and back of the skate respectively, allowing you to skate in whichever direction you wish. Quad skates are very comfortable and stable, so you will also have a proper balance in these.

Safety Equipment

roller skating tips for beginnersAn essential in every sport, protective gear such as helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are absolutely necessary for beginners. Not only will you be safe from injuries, but you will also feel more confident in trying out new moves and techniques without worrying about falling and bruising. This will also help you learn more effectively and efficiently.

Get Your Posture Right

Getting the right posture for skating is pretty easy. All you have to do mostly is squat, squat as far down you can because the closer your body to the ground is, the better the balance. Keep your knees bent slightly and your shoulders forward. Tuck in your hands to the front.

How To Roller Skate Not Fall

Given that you are new to roller skating, it’s a given that you will fall at times, but there are also a few ways to not fall even when you are about to. The most basic technique is to bend your knees down while skating, in a way that hides your toes when you look down. This technique brings your center closer to the ground (hence gravity works better now) and you will be more balanced.

But suppose you can’t keep your balance and you’re about to hit the ground. What you can do is to extend out your arms a little with the palms forward touching the ground, followed with your wrists and elbows before your knees do. You don’t have to worry about bruising your arms if you do this while wearing your protective gear as recommended before. The gears will minimize the impact of the fall by letting you briefly slide than slamming onto the ground.

Learn How To Roller Skate Glide

Before learning any other moves, learn how to glide first. This will help you gain balance and allow you to incorporate more moves into a combination later on. Push off with one of your foot and roll for a while, then do the same with the other. Soon after you can glide with both feet, try doing it with one foot only. Extend your arms forward to help gain speed and balance.

How To Roller Skate Backwards

Prop yourself by placing your feet in a ‘V’ shape while applying pressure to your heels. Place your feet in a reversed ‘V’ shape with your toes together and knees apart. Apply pressure to your toes on one foot while the other is lifted. Don’t lean backward, you might fall.

How To Roller Skate Jumping

Start with a few glides later on bringing your feet together, crouch slightly than try to jump a short distance. It might seem a little daunting at first but keep trying and you’ll get there.

How To Roller Skate Stop

Every roller skate comes with a brake located at the top of the toes. To stop carefully, glide a few yards with your feet parallel to each other. Stay slightly squatted and lean forward a little. To come to a halt, place either of your skates in front of the other. Put pressure onto the toe of the skate behind and press down confidently. Be sure to press down hard and fast, that way you will be able to stop without a problem. If you hesitate while braking, you might lose balance and fall.

Improve Your Skills

Skating isn’t something you can learn in a day hence you have to keep practicing to get better at it. Consider getting an instructor on skating so you have a proper guide with you, or join a center with a team in order to receive proper feedback and advice. Sign up for regular lessons until you are comfortable enough to implement new moves on your own.

You can also do more research and see if you are willing to purchase different types of roller skates adequate with your style of gliding and surroundings.


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Types Of Roller Skates

  • If you are skating inside a rink, look out for indoor skates sufficient for rinks.
  • For outdoor areas, outdoor skates are better since the wheels on them are made with the idea to withstand tough conditions. So if you are going to be skating on the asphalt, outdoor skates are recommended.
  • If you feel confident enough and want to gain speed, quad speed skates are recommended as they’re designed to pick up more pace than your usual roller skate.

Skating is a fun sport that does indeed require some dedication and time, but the reward at the end of each successful lesson is worth it. we hope you like our roller skating techniques.


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