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Loaded Icarus Review: Best Longboard (Bamboo Longboards) Buyer’s Guide!

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The Icarus complete longboard by the well-known brand Loaded is one of the newer models released by the company. Today you are going to read our complete Loaded Icarus Review. The board is a result of an attempt to give riders a taste of snowboarding and surfing while also holding on to the traditional aspects of the action sport.

While all that sounds good we couldn’t help but wonder if the asking price of this unique board was worth it and whether we would recommend it to longboard enthusiasts.

We must inform you though, that if you are seeking a low budget longboard then the Icarus which carries a price tag of around $350 may not be for you but if you are willing to step over your budget for something that is worthy of the price then stick around to find out if this product qualifies as such.Loaded Icarus Review!Amazon

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Aesthetics Of The Loaded Icarus

The board is named after the character ‘Icarus’ from Greek Mythology. Icarus was the son of Daedalus who was a master craftsman. If you take a closer look at the board’s unique choice of color and design you will notice that it resembles melting wax- a representation of Icarus’s melting wings that were made from feathers and wax. The story tells us that Icarus ignores his father’s warning and flies to close to the sun where his wings melt and he falls into the sea.

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology then the elaboration created on the board should be of interest to you, but even if Greek Mythology isn’t really your thing you would probably still appreciate the unique blend of color and quality graphics.

Construction Of The Loaded Icarus Deck

Loaded Boards Icarus .The Icarus’s deck is made of 5 plies of laminated bamboo sandwiched between fiberglass, epoxy, and cork. The cork makes the base of the deck which is inserted to create a layer that absorbs shock and reduces maximum vibration.

The combination of the various materials also provides the deck with an accurate amount of flex and the stiffness required for durability.

With drop-through truck mounting, you can ride closer to the ground which automatically promotes stability and increases rider’s confidence. If you are a beginner then you will enjoy pushing the board with minimum effort and also be able to maintain balance all throughout your ride.

Specs Of The Loaded Icarus

  • Length- 38.4 inches
  • Width- 8.6 inches
  • Wheelbase– 28.25 inches

Dual Flex Of Loaded Boards

The board is sold in two flex models- Flex 1 and Flex 2 and is categorized according to two different weight groups.

Riders weighing anywhere between 170-250+lbs should get the Flex 1 version as it is stiffer than the Flex 2. For riders who are lighter and have a weight around 75-200lbs, Flex 2 is the ideal version because it comes with the right flex to provide comfortable rides and maneuverability.


Free-Style Riding

With minimal nose and tail kicks, you can enjoy performing freestyle tricks with ease and safety. The design also makes this board street-friendly for everyday commuting or racing down pavements with friends.

Quality Components

Besides the well designed and uniquely shaped deck, the Icarus is also equipped with smooth running parts that bring up the level of performance.Loaded Boards Icarus 6

The trucks are Paris 180mm, 50° matte black Reverse-Kingpin. They are mounted low and have an amazing turning radius to allow friction-less turning and fast tackle of bends.

For wheels, the makers chose Orangatang 80mm 80a Kegels on the ‘Go-To-Setup’ which had a lot of grip and speed. However, there is another option of Orangatang 75mm, 83a Durian wheels for those who want easy sliding in the free-ride setup.

All set-ups include patented Jehu V2 bearings for smoother and longer spinning.

Riding The Loaded Icarus

One of the highest selling points of the board is its unique shaped deck that comes with a variable concave.

For those just stepping into the world of long-boarding might need a bit of extra time to get comfortable on this board because it requires a special technique of position to really get the hang of it.Loaded Boards Icarus 4

Even though I have years of experience of riding longboards and skateboards I wasn’t quite sure how to confidently ride this board until I figured out that I had to ride at a certain tilted angle to fully enjoy the flexibility.

The board offers a different feel on different surfaces but no matter whether you are riding on a flat road or going downhill, you will easily be able to control the Icarus and maneuver it just the way you please.


  • Portable
  • Easy to control
  • Optional Flex
  • Made from durable materials
  • Visually pleasing


  • The design of the board is a bit on the narrow side
  • Not budget-friendly

Loaded Boards Icarus 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the trucks come with shock pads?

Yes, the trucks are mounted with shock pads.

I am around 200 lbs, should I go for the Flex 1 or 2?Loaded Boards Icarus 2

The flex versions were made to give buyers the option of choosing between a stiffer and more flexible board. According to your weight Flex 1 may be a better choice but if you want more bend then you can choose Flex 2.

What is the wheelbase?

The wheelbase is 28.25 inches.

How is the wheel clearance on this board?

With a combination of cutouts and flared wheel wells, you will not have to worry about wheel bites even with big wheels on. The Icarus is ideal for tight turns and deep carves.

Is it the Icarus electric skateboard?


Final Verdict Of Loaded Icarus Review

So there you go. How was the Loaded Icarus review? One thing we can say confidently is that the Loaded Icarus is no toy. The board will impress you from the moment you first lay your eyes on its beautiful visuals and it will continue to surprise you with smooth and fun rides every time you step on it.

Starting from its spectacular technicality to it’s durable and impact enduring construction, this board has it all. It is the perfect board for commuting with on a daily basis or take out during the weekends to grace the streets with.

Now to answer the question if the Icarus is really worth its price, we would say a big yes to that!



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