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Penny Board Review: Best Skateboard Buyer’s Guide!

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Today I am going to be complete Penny Board review that comes with a 27-inch deck and in the color Black Gold. The Penny Skateboard is also available in a range of colors so you can pick one that suits your personal style.

Penny boards have become quite popular over the years and they cater to a certain group of riders specifically who prefer the board over many other traditional skateboards and longboards.

One thing that sets this board apart is that it is mostly used by those who are not interested in performing tricks on it or are not into mainstream skateboarding as a whole.Penny Board Review

So who are these boards mainly made for?

In my opinion and I think many owners of the Penny skateboards would agree, it is ideal for people who need a compact, lightweight, and less complicated board which can serve as a great means of transport and also as a simple cruiser to take you around.

Penny skateboards come in various sizes with the 22inch and 27 inch being the most popular due to their small size which makes them easy to travel with.

So without further ado let us get on with the Penny Board review and in the end, you can decide if a penny Skateboard is the right board for you or not.


Let’s Watch A Video Penny Board Review!


Features Of The Penny Board

Penny Skateboard 0

Deck Of The Penny Board

I reviewed the Black Gold model that came with a 27-inch long deck that had a width of 6 inches. The deck is plastic injection molded which is a trademark of all penny skateboards.

Although the board is not made of wood or bamboo, it is durable and easy to bend so that there are less risks of breakage or damage.

The waffle top covers the surface area of the deck which provides a non-slip effect to ensure a good grip.

The 6-inch width of the deck may seem less for some riders looking for a larger platform to step on but the small size of the board is one of the reasons that these boards are so popular for commuting and carrying around.

Trucks, Wheels, And Bearings

Penny Skateboards 2With 3.125’’ trucks and soft 90a bushings, the board is an easy one to turn and slide along around sharp corners and bends. The smooth gliding takes you around your campus or down the streets faster and safely– saving you time and the hassle of catching a bus or train.

The 59mm wheels have a durometer of 78a which I think is ideal for cruiser boards as they work great on most terrains. The hardness is perfect and will easily go over little obstacles on the road without causing much vibration or rattle.

The patented color-coded ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings are quick spinning and support the wheels quite well while providing you with friction-less and noise-free rides.

Durability Of The Penny Board

If you think only hardwood boards are long-lasting then you should check out the rigidness on these boards. The Penny Classic Skateboards have a deck that is made from high-quality hard plastic that can accommodate a decent amount of load which makes it perfect for riders of all ages.

According to some Penny Board review, the board has also been used by riders weighing up to 200 lbs but there is no specific weight limit mentioned anywhere.

The construction is sturdy and the components are all heavy-duty, allowing the board to hold up against the damage caused by everyday use.


Riding Of The Penny Board

Penny Skateboards 4

Riding a Penny Skateboard is super fun and quite easy to do tricks on but only if you are well skilled in the department already. If you are a complete beginner then the small and narrow board may not be the easiest platform to learn tricks on.

Of course, if you are willing to take the challenge and want to learn the art of skateboarding on this board then you can do so but it might not come as easy.

I would suggest getting this board for two reasons- one if you don’t care much about getting deep into skateboarding and just need an economical mode of transport or two- if you already know and have learned to skateboard and perform tricks on your regular skateboard and need a mini-cruiser for carefree riding and cruising along the streets.

If I compare riding this board to riding a regular skate or longboard to get from point A to point B then I would definitely say that the Penny Skateboard feels much safer and takes me around much quicker.

It is also very light in weight and along with the small size you can carry it around without any strain.Penny Skateboards 5

The 22inch versions can even be placed inside your backpack or locker to make carrying and storage hassle-free. You will not even notice the minimum weight of the board as you move about with it on your back.


  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Durable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ample bend
  • Convenient
  • Can be used by riders of all ages


  • Not ideal to learn skateboarding tricks on
  • You may find it difficult to balance yourself on this board if you have never been on a skateboard before
  • As there is no weight limit mentioned excess weight could cause the board to snap

Frequently Asked Questions

What company bearings does the board come with?Penny Skateboards 6

The bearings are made by Penny.

Does the board come assembled?

Yes, the Penny Classic Complete Skateboard comes fully assembled so you can ride it as soon as it reaches your doorstep.

Is it good for teenagers?

The Penny Classic can be used by riders of all ages as long as he or she has a good balance and has the basic skills of skateboarding.

Penny board price, please?

Click here for the latest price on amazon

What is penny board 22?


Final Thoughts Of Penny Board Review

Penny Skateboards are similar to mini cruisers in size but have bigger wheels and a safer build for everyday commuting.

As a skateboard that can be used by both teenagers and adults, the Penny Classic offers the smoothest and most comfortable rides to anyone who can balance themselves on a skateboard.

However, if you are an absolute beginner and have never ridden a skateboard or longboard before then we recommend first practicing the basics on a regular board to make things easier while riding the Penny Classic Skateboard.

But in terms of quality and performance, you can expect the board to last you a very long time while taking you around town in style and comfort. This is the best choice for skaters.



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