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Quest Longboards Review: Best Longboard Buyer’s Guide!

The Quest Longboards Review fui

Today you are going to read our complete quest longboards review. As an experienced longboard rider, I understand the need for the right kind of longboard for beginner riders Who are keen on improving their skills quickly while having the most fun in the process.

These days it is not difficult to find a well-made longboard for whatever skill level you may have but as someone having to pay for it, you would still want to be sure of the product you choose at the end.

Being on a budget furthermore puts you on a spot where you don’t have too many options to choose from and that is when it is best to go for a tried and tested product.

I am going to Quest Longboards Review which seems to be a favorite among many longboard enthusiasts for its quality components and of course its affordable price tag.

Stick around as I examine the board and check out the features that made it so popular.

Quest Longboards Review


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An Overview Of The Quest Longboards

Although the board is ideal for beginners or those who are still not fully skilled in the sector, it can be used by anyone wanting to ride a board that is safe and totally easy to control.

The board measures 44 inches in length and has a width of 9 inches. This provides an adequate steeping platform for the rider and also works exceptionally well for carving, cruising, and everyday commuting.

According to most riders who own this board or have ridden it before, have mentioned that it is best suited for people who are taller than 5 feet 4 inches and weigh less than 250 lbs so you can safely say that it will serve most teenagers and adults with average body weight and height.

The Quest Longboards Construction

The board comes with a 7 ply construction made of flexible bamboo and hardwood maple. The combination of the two materials gives the board just the right amount of stiffness QT-quest longboards reviewand flex to provide you with comfortable rides while maintaining the sturdiness and strength needed for prolonged use.

I would definitely say that the deck is stiffer than flexible which makes it very durable but it would have been better if the makers had managed to put a bit more flex to it so that riders could get a better feel of the board.

With a weight of around 10 pounds, this really isn’t the lightest and easiest board to carry around by hand but if you are using it for commuting then you will probably just be riding it instead of walking around with it.

The Quest Longboards Components

Polyurethane wheels provide great resistance to vibration thus allowing you to enjoy smooth and safe rides even when you have to cover a distance over bumpy terrain.

The 70mm polyurethane wheels are supported by ABEC 7 bearings that enable friction-free performance and give the wheels what it takes to pick up speed and longer spinning action.

The 7-inch aluminum trucks are probably not the best on the market but they do a decent job in allowing smooth turns to tackle sharp corners and bends.

Overall I feel that all the components are rightly placed and work together really well to deliver an impressive performance every time.


Experience Of Riding The Quest Longboards

For quest longboards review. I decided to try out the board for a day and take it with me everywhere so I could compare and note down how it performed on various grounds.

To my surprise, the Quest Longboard performed much better than how I thought it would.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable and safe I felt stepping on the deck and how smoothly I was able to make turns every time I reached a bend or corner.

The wheels seemed to absorb most of the vibration as I rode over little rocks and bumps but they didn’t do too well on platforms that had too much gravel.

However, I was able to glide through most of the areas and streets which I passed on a day-to-day basis and that explained to me exactly why this board is so popular for everyday commuting.

I have ridden all sorts of longboards throughout the years and I must say that for the asking price this board provides its users with outstanding results.


  • Affordable
  • Great for commuting, carving, and cruising
  • Smooth turning
  • Made to last with durable material and components


  • The trucks are could have been made better
  • Some customers mentioned that the board had dents when they received it while some said that it showed signs of cracks between the layers after a while

quest longboards canva

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good starter board?

Yes, this board works pretty well for first-time users and is safe for beginners to start practicing with as well as for daily commuting

Can children ride this board?

Although this board is intended for adults as it is very large in size, it can be used by quest longboards reviewchildren within the right height and weight.

Can I use sharks wheels on this?

Yes, according to some users it is possible

How easy is it to push?

Very easy to push start and hold momentum for quite some time.

Does the board have grip tape on the surface?

It has a top layer of black tape on the deck.

Is this the quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review?


Quest longboards price, please?

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Final Verdict Of The Quest Longboards Review

So there you go. How was the quest longboards review? If you ask me how I would rate the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard for its overall performance I would definitely give it an 8 on 10 but if I had to compare its performance to other longboards within the same price range then I would have to give it a 9 on 10.

For the asking price, you get a board that is solid and sturdy and can take you around in the most comfortable and convenient style.

Riders of all ages and skills will be able to use this board for everyday traveling while saving both time and money on public transport.



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