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Skate Spots: 9 Best Famous Skate Spots To Go To!

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Something that is better than skating for skaters is doing so at a place that is legendary or renowned for it. Being able to show off your great skills and moves in a place filled with people of a similar talent can be a wholly enjoyable experience. But more than often we find ourselves unable to find such a place near our residence, hence opting for skate spots that are quite the distance away.

Unfortunately, even when we are faced with the dilemma of having to choose between a variety of different skate spots. But worry no more for we have shortlisted 9 of the best and most promising skatespots around the world for you. So if you are passionate enough to jump upon this adventure of a kind and are willing to invest a little time and money into it, rest assured you will not be disappointed with this article and the places mentioned in it. Before we go into the details, here’s a quick list of the skate spots for you:

  1. Burnside, Portland Skate Spots; Oregon
  2. Southbank, London
  3. MACBA, Skate Spots Barcelona; Spain
  4. Extreme Park, Louisville
  5. Red Ribbon, Guangzhou; China
  6. Le Dôme, Paris Skate Spots; France
  7. Landhausplatz, Innsbruck; Austria
  8. Brooklyn Banks Skate Spot: New York Skate Spots
  9. Marseille Skatepark, France

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The 9 Best Famous Skate Spots To Go To

Ready to know more about the skatespots? Let’s not waste any more time and get into the action.

Burnside, Portland Skate Spots; Oregon

Portland skate spotsThis site is famous mainly because of how ‘DIY’ it really is. Back in the ’90s, three ordinary folks named Mark ‘Red’ Scott, Sage Bolyard and Bret Taylor had planned along with their entire crew to build a bank against the wall of the Burnside bridge. Their initial theme was to create a site that would allow a dry skating experience even on rainy days. If you are still not convinced, know that Burnside has also ended up in a majority of videos, from Tony Hawks Pro Skater video game series to even the movie Free Willy!

Taking it all into account, even to this date this spot has managed to attract a wide range of skaters of various different ages while giving ‘DIY’ a big name for skaters.

Famous Skate Spots: Southbank, London

Barcelona skate spotsThis spot is under Queen Elizabeth Hall and is connected to the arts and culture institute on the south side of River Thames. A spot is as fancy and iconic as this is sure to attract you with its rich history and modernity. In fact, this spot has played a successful part in the skateboarding evolution in the UK. Southbank has seen an array of generations gracing this spot solely due to its passionate history and the determination that confirmed its stay to this date.

MACBA, Skate Spots Barcelona; Spain

Rich with diverse cultures and heritage, Spain has something to offer to everyone and that includes skaters as well. The MACBA skate spots Barcelona has secured its niche by being one of the most modern skateboarding spots in the world. The MACBA is a symbol of European Skateboarding in skate spots Barcelona so many international skaters hit this spot first thing upon arriving in France. Complete with blocks, ledges, and the iconic flat ground, this Barcelona skate spots is truly one of a kind and you really wouldn’t want to miss this.

Extreme Park, Louisville

Barcelona skate spotsWith an astonishing 7.3 meter full pipe that spans a magnificent 3700 sq.meters, this spot is the closest to heaven a skater can get to. Alongside the already amazing introduction, the spot also graces two 11 foot bowls, a street course, several rails, and lines, etc. Note that an addition of a 3.6-meter wooden vert ramp with an extension impeccably makes Extreme Park the largest skate park in the USA. You surely want to head out to this amazing spot unless you’re okay with missing out on something this big in scale and iconic.

Red Ribbon, Guangzhou; China

This skateboarding spot has managed to turn Guangzhou into one of the most potential skatespots for skaters. Lying just a little away from the city you will find the famous Red Ribbon right in the middle of nature. The site is pretty impossible to miss due to its striking red color and bow-like shape. There are holes on the ribbon which create a quarter pipe effect, enhancing the skating experience. At the top, you will also find a unique lip that allows skaters to come around and give their best shot. You really don’t want to miss that!

Le Dôme, Paris Skate Spots; France

Paris skate spotsFrance has a little of everything from being the hub of perfumes, croissants, to the Eiffel Tower while holding the reputation of consisting of the most romantic city on earth. But for a niche of tourists who want nothing to do with all those, France also has the Le Dôme a.k.a Le Palais de Tokyo, one of the must-visit Paris skatespots you can find. Complete with marble ground and famous hubbas once skated by iconic figures like Marc Haziza, you are sure to create wonderfully and one of a kind memories here.

Landhausplatz, Innsbruck; Austria

Brooklyn Banks Skate SpotEnforcing modern-day architecture and traditional Austrian heritage together created a place as magnificent as the Landhausplatz. As it is right in the middle of the city, the spot is divided into two parts, one for skaters and the other completely skater free. The place has also produced a rule book for skaters beforehand so be sure to check that out upon arrival.

Brooklyn Banks Skate Spot: New York Skate Spots

new york skate spotsJust like comfort food, this is a comfortable spot for skaters around the globe. The rails, stairs, the 3 block expanse of red bricks, etc. all of it were made by skaters themselves. The greatest part of it is that the spot is completely unknown to New Yorkers, giving skaters the privacy they require to skate as they want.

Skatespots: Marseille Skatepark, France

Skate SpotsLastly, another iconic spot we have is the Marseille skatepark with its long-standing history and culture.  It is known as the largest and the best outdoor skatepark of France with approximately a hundred lines and a number of bowls and hips to keep skaters entertained with. Also, there are a few floodlights so skaters can also perform at night.

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There you have it these were the 9 best and most renowned skate parks around the globe. Each of these skatespots possesses something unique and iconic to offer to every individual skater so next time you plan a trip abroad don’t forget to include these magnificent venues. 


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