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Smith Overtake Helmet Review: Best Helmet Buyer’s Guide!

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Today you are going to read our complete Smith Overtake Helmet Review. A ski helmet is specifically designed for winter sports such as skating and many of them come with features like earmuffs, goggle mounts, vents, and camera mounts.

It is highly recommended that you only wear a ski helmet for skiing because even though other helmets are designed to protect the head, they do not necessarily provide the same comfort or convenience of a well-made ski helmet.

Smith Sport Optics is known to make high-quality sports equipment and the incorporation of their original regulator lens ventilation system and distortion-free tampered lens technology make their products stand out and appeal to many sports enthusiasts.

The Smith Overtake Helmet is designed for adults who are seeking a well-made helmet at an affordable price.

It is not the fanciest helmet on the market but it does have all that it takes to be classified as an all-round budget-friendly ski helmet.

If you are looking for a helmet for your next skiing trip but do not want to break the bank in doing so then continue reading till the end of Smith Overtake Helmet review and provide you with all the information you need to decide if it is the helmet for you.Smith Overtake Helmet Review


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Lightweight Construction Of Smith Overtake Helmet

The helmet has been crafted with high-grade plastic that is both durable and light at the same time.

The strong construction provides protection to the head from injury causing impacts so that in case of an accident fall your head does not take the worst blow.

With an EPS foam infused polycarbonate shell the helmet offers maximum head cushioning and also keeps the weight to a minimum for added comfort.

Ventilation Of Smith Overtake Helmet

There are 14 vents on the helmet which can be opened or closed for user comfort and to match the weather conditions. This makes the helmet ideal for both winter and summer use.

Smith Overtake Helmet greenWith adjustable climate control, you get to decide how much airflow you wish to have and can even leave the vents half-opened when you cannot decide if you are running warm or cold.

The adjustments are made using a slide lever which is easy to use with bare fingers but can be a little tricky when you have thick gloves on.

With such great ventilation the helmet is great for warm days but please note that it does tend to be a pretty warm helmet so there is usually no need to wear anything underneath unless it is really cold outside.

Ear Pads Of Smith Overtake Helmet

Although this is a very basic feature it is definitely an essential feature and the fact that you can have the ear pads removed for cleaning or for when you feel like you don’t need during hotter days them makes it a good option to have.

The SL2 ear pads are also compatible with Skullcandy audio system provided you purchase the system separately.


Removable Goggle Lock Of Smith Overtake Helmet

Goggle Lock Of Smith Overtake HelmetYou can use the helmet with most goggles as it comes with a removable goggle lock. The vents on the front side of the helmets ensure that the goggles do not fog up and cause poor visibility during skiing.

The use of goggles is very important when skiing and if the helmets trap moisture and cause fog to build up through the goggles then the skier is put in risk of seeing blurred images which could lead to skiing accidents.

It is very smart of the manufacturers to think of this and place the vents all in the right places of the helmet.

Snug Fit Of Smith Overtake Helmet

With an adjustable dial fit system, you can alter the size slightly and enjoy a customized fit. Of course, it is recommended that you choose the correct size when placing your order but the right size does not always mean the best fit and this is when an adjustable dial fit system such as the one on this helmet comes in handy.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the dial fit system is easy to adjust even with gloves on so if you feel that you need to tighten or loosen the helmet a bit in the middle of skiing then you can do so without taking your gloves off.

The Smith Overtake is available in sizes small, medium, large and X-large.

The helmet has a low profile fit and design which increases the comfort and protection level for users.


  • AirEvac 2 Technology provides excellent ventilation and prevents goggles from fogging
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Durable plastic and lightweight construction
  • Flexible vents
  • Removable ear pads


  • Users may find it difficult to use the vent slide lever with gloves on
  • Does not have an internal suspension system which means that these helmets cannot be used for mountaineering or rock climbing

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Frequently Asked Question

Are the helmets roomy inside?

The helmets offer a snug fit provided you get the right size for yourself but they are roomy enough to prevent the feeling of pressure around the head.

Can I use the helmet for any other activity besides skiing?Smith Overtake Helmet white

You can use this helmet for snowboarding and other winter sports where you remain on the ground or where they are no risks of impact from above. This is because the helmet can protect your head during a fall but it cannot absorb impact from falling ice or rocks.

Can these be worn by women?

Yes, they can be worn by both men and women

Is this the smith trace helmet review?

No, Overtake Helmet Review.

Does it smith bike helmets?

It’s a ski helmet.

Final Verdict Of Smith Overtake Helmet Review

So there you go. How was the Smith Overtake Helmet Review? Overall we found this helmet to be very comfortable and warm while having a solid construction that provides decent protection for the wearer.

The helmet is perfect for outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding and the adjustable features make it extremely versatile and adaptable.

Although not a very high-end helmet and definitely not for activities that have high impact risks such as mountaineering or rock climbing, this helmet serves its purpose as a decent ski helmet that comes with all the right features and fits the budget of most people.



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