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Ten Toes Skateboards Review: Best Skateboard Buyer’s Guide!

Ten Toes Skateboards review

The Zed is a cruiser longboard manufactured by the brand Ten Toes which is a pretty well-known brand and trusted by many. Today you are going to read our complete Ten Toes Skateboards Review.

As a best seller on Amazon, it is no doubt one of the most popular longboards among riders, and most of the customers are either beginners or those who want to ride a well-made cruiser board but are not willing to pay a hefty price for it.

So it clearly qualifies as a durable board that is also budget-friendly.

But we are going to be looking at all the other aspects of the board and giving you a detailed Ten Toes Skateboards Review of the Zed Complete Cruiser.Ten Toes Skateboards ReviewAmazon

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Product Specifications

  • Length: 44 inches
  • Width: 9.5 inches
  • Construction: 8-Ply Bamboo and Canadian Maple (kicktail)
  • Available in 15 styles
  • Riding Type: Cruiser
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Abec-7 bearings, 85a PU Wheels (70x51mm)
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Load capacity: Approx 275 lbs

Features Of The Ten Toes Skateboard

Ten Toes Skateboard 4

Visuals Of The Ten Toes Skateboard

The board was designed in Los Angeles so it portrays a vintage California look that is perfect for cruising along streets and taking around the campus.Ten Toes Skateboards 2

With a wide range of colors and styles to choose from you will be able to pick a model that suits your personal style and preference.

We picked the ‘Aqua Fishtail’ which gave the board a clean and sleek look with a very soft design of a fishtail on one end of the board. The ‘Ten Toes’ logo is beautifully placed on the bottom side, where a straight line runs across from one end of the board to another.

The wheels have a shiny and smooth finish and the color matches the color of the rest of the graphics.

Deck Of The Ten Toes Skateboard

The deck comes with a black top layer that is easy to grip and reduces the risk of slip-offs. This provides the rider with a good balance and safety while riding on full speed or taking sharp turns.

The multiple layers of bamboo and maple give the board just the right amount of flex and with continued use, it will adapt even more to the riders’ natural way of riding.Ten Toes Skateboards 1

Bamboo is very flexible while maple is stiff so with a combination of the two materials you can enjoy the accurate flexing and a lot of sturdiness in your rides.

As the materials are all-natural, each board gets a unique look from the variable grains of the bamboo.

The large kicktail allows for smooth maneuverability which also makes this a street smart board which riders can rely on for every day commuting or entertainment purposes.

Hardware Of The Ten Toes Skateboard

Trucks- Rugged 7 inch aluminum trucks with the reverse kingpin. The trucks enable riders to take the board in any direction and smoothly glide past people on busy streets.

Turning is easy and safe and as the deck is designed to be quite high from the ground there are less chances of wheel bite.

Wheels- The wheels come with a rock finish and have a durometer of 85a, making them quite soft and shock-resistant. The 70 x 51mm wheels are also very durable so you can proceed to cover many distances over various terrains to reach your destination in comfort and speed.

Bearings- The bearings are rated ABEC-7. They support the rest of the hardware and deliver super-smooth motion with no friction or annoying noise.Ten Toes Skateboards 5Amazon

Riding The Longboard

This is an excellent beginner longboard that comes with great value and very durable construction.

The board is a little high off the ground so if you have really poor balancing skills we recommend practicing your balance for a while before taking the board for a thrilling spin.Ten Toes Skateboards 7

Even though the board is very affordable which makes it even better for new riders, the hardware and all construction materials are of good quality.

The main issue which you could face as a rider using this for daily commuting is that it is a large board so it really isn’t the easiest things to carry around or place somewhere when you are not riding it.

But of course, considering the fact that it can take you places faster and also help you save money on transportation, the sizing is something one would not mind compromising on.

The wheels are wide and they roll well but don’t expect crazy speed.

The good news is that the board is also very easy to upgrade so if you feel that some parts are keeping the board from providing you with 100% satisfactory results then you could easily have them replaced.

Overall this is a great cruiser which looks great and also performs exceptionally well for its price range.


  • Affordably priced
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Sturdy deck
  • The accurate balance between flex and stiffness
  • Easy to ride


  • Not very portable
  • Average speed

Ten Toes Skateboards

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wheelbase?

26 inches axel to axel

Is this a good board for children?Ten Toes Skateboards 8

We wouldn’t recommend this for very young children as it’s a large board that rides a little high. But it’s a pretty safe board for beginners and youngsters who are tall enough.

How flexible is the board?

It has a good flex but the board is equally stiff which increases durability and promotes comfortable riding

Do the wheels roll smoothly?

Yes, the wheels are big and they roll well. They are supported by ABEC-7 bearings which increase their spinning ability and ensure better speed.

Is it ten toes down longboard?

It is the best cruiser board of ten toes.

Is it ten toes zed bamboo longboard skateboard cruiser, 44?


Final Verdict Of Ten Toes Skateboards Review

The Zed is one of the best cruiser boards within its price range and it can easily beat the performance of many other longboards of the same caliber.

Starting from the stylish graphics to the smooth operating hardware, the Zed will not fail to provide you with countless joyful rides.

If you are seeking the perfect cruiser board to begin your journey of skating with then this board will provide you with the sweetest start and continue to impress you with its performance for many memorable riding experiences along the way.




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