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Vans Old Skool Pro Review: Best Skate Shoes Buyer’s Guide!

Vans Old Skool Pro review

Take something classic and revamp it and it is sure to become a hit among fashion icons and consumers at large. Today you are going to read our complete Vans Old Skool Pro review.

The Old Skool Sneakers by Vans has been taking up the fashion industry by storm for a few years now and its popularity has not faded with the shoe been worn by both skaters and non-skaters.

Although originally designed for skating, somehow the effortless visual design, low profile, and light feel of the shoe have attracted more customers than the brand had probably expected.

When something with a simple design and classic look becomes popular even among the most stylish people then it is definitely something worth talking about and so we are going to be Vans Old Skool Pro review for our readers.

Let us take a broader look at what these best skate shoes are all about and why they are in such high demand.Vans Old Skool Pro review


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Design Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

These shoes feature a classic design at its best and the look has a lot to do with the product gaining so much popularity on the market.Design Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

Styled with a slightly curved thin leather line running along the sides with a vintage canvas upper, the sneakers look amazingly fresh and trendy.

The shaft measures around 3.5’’ from arch which gives the shoe a pretty low profile and also keeps it super lightweight.

There are many colors to choose from but you will have to check if your size is available in the color you want. You can easily check out this information from the selling site.

The price will also vary according to the size.

Unisex Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

One of the best traits and probably one of the main reasons as to why these shoes are seen everywhere is because they are fit for both men and women.Vans Old Skool Pro 2

The smart design and versatile fit of the shoe are appealing to both men and women so all you need to do is select your size and choice of color and order your pair.

The style is also very versatile and goes with almost any outfit without seeming too loud or too simple.

Materials Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

The sole is made of 100% rubber while the upper part is a vintage canvas.

The sole is designed to provide you with maximum grip and a perfect balance while the heel padding prevents blisters even if you have the shoes on all day long.

It also absorbs shock and impact, making it comfortable and ideal for most activities.

Comfort Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

Comfort Of The Vans Old Skool ProAs the Old Skool sneakers actually best skate shoes so we wanted to see how well they do in that department and what makes them ideal for skating in.

The lightweight and flexible rubber sole provides great maneuverability for skaters as it feels light on the feet but at the same time increases balance and stability.

For skating it is very important that the footwear has enough grip to prevent slip-offs and these shoes are well constructed in that section.

Vans has incorporated their original waffle outsole for the best footing and flex and according to most customers, they felt more confident while skating in these shoes versus when they skated with traditional sneakers on.


Durability Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

Staring from the durable rubber sole to the hard-wearing canvas, the Vans skate shoes are constructed for durability and endurance.

The reason why so many people who are nonskaters have turned to these shoes is that they last much longer and also provide maximum comfort for everyday use.

You can get on with your daily activities and also enjoy some aggressive skating with these fashionable sneakers protecting your feet all throughout the day.

The shoes have an amazing flex to allow ease of movement but at the same time, they are stiff and strong.

You can rely on the Vans Old Skool Classic best Skate Shoes to hold up in any weather, making them perfect for all seasons.

True To Size

A lot of people hesitate to order shoes online fearing that they will end up with something that does not fit right.True To Size vans

Fortunately for its buyers, Vans sneakers are almost true to size and have a high percentage of a perfect fit.

Be sure to choose your ideal size from their chart and also check out some customer reviews where buyers usually discuss the experiences they had regarding the size and quality of the product in general. That should give you an idea of what to expect.

Easy To Clean

The shoes are pretty easy to maintain as both the upper canvas and the rubber sole are easy to clean so you can keep your pair looking fresh and new for a very long time.

ProsEasy To Clean vans

  • Comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Durable construction
  • Flexible and easy on the foot
  • Classic design
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • The lace-up closure system is not preferred by many
  • There have been a few complaints from customers who all claimed that they received the wrong shoe size

Vans Old Skool Pro 3

Frequently Asked Question

Do the light-colored models get dirty too fast?

If you order the white or beige sneakers then you should be careful not to get them too dirty as they can easily get stained but even if you do end up stepping in a puddle of mud the shoes are quite easy to clean.Unisex Of The Vans Old Skool Pro

Do they come with a logo?

Yes, they come with the original Vans sticker on the back of the shoes and the logo is printed on the liner inside.

Are the soles thick or thin?

The soles are thick and the heels have padding for the wearer’s comfort.

Are this vans old skool pro reddit?


Which is best vans old skool pro vs comfycush?

vans old skool pro.

Final Verdict Of Vans Old Skool Pro Review

So there you go. How was the Vans Old Skool Pro review? Whether you are a skater or just like to wear trendy footwear, the Vans Old Skool Pro Skate Shoes is something you will enjoy wearing and showing off on a daily basis.

The simple design allows you to match it up with any outfit and also make your personal fashion statement.

If you are looking for the best skate shoes that are both stylish and durable then look no further than the Vans Old Skool Pro.



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