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Yocaher Longboard Review: Best Longboard Buyer’s Guide!

Yocaher Longboard review .

Today you are going to read our complete Yocaher Longboard Review. The drop-down longboard by Yocaher has been designed for professional riders but its smart design, rider-friendly features, and reliable performance makes it an amazing choice for beginners or riders with very minimum skills too.

As the demand for such versatile longboards is always high, we decided to Yocaher Longboard Review for our readers today who may be searching for a well-constructed longboard that can be used by both skilled riders and fresh learners.

There are quite a lot of features to check out on this board which we will cover separately so you can get a detailed report on the product and be able to decide if it is what you are looking for. Hopefully, it will be effective as a skater. Yocaher Longboard Review


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Specifications Of The Yocaher Longboard

  • Measures: 41.25’’L x 10’’W x 5’’H
  • Wheel Base: 33’’
  • Weight: 9 pounds (Approx)
  • Construction: 9-Ply Maple Hardwood
  • High Concave
  • No Flex
  • Designed with Grip-tape
  • Weight Limit: 275lbs

Features And Details Of The Yocaher Longboard

Features And Details Of The Yocaher Longboard

Deck Construction Of The Yocaher Longboard

The hardwood deck is put together using 9 plies of stiff maple and is shaped with a high concave. There is no flex so riders can easily pick up speed and race downhill safely.

The drop design allows riders to stay close to the ground which increases stability and balance, even for beginners.

If you are only starting to learn how to dance, slide or perform tricks on your longboard then this is the perfect shaped board for that because it is not only built for fun, it is also a very safe board to practice on with confidence.

The deck is long and wide; it has a length of 41.25’’ and a width of 10’’ so there is plenty of stepping platform and a lot of areas to play around with.Yocaher Longboard 1

Trucks Of The Yocaher Longboard

The manufacturers have used 9.675 HD7 heavy-duty aluminum trucks with 180mm hanger on this board and they are top-mounted for smooth turning.Yocaher Longboard 2

With cutouts around the nose and tail, you don’t have to worry about wheel bite or any friction no matter which way you turn or curve.

Wheels And Bearings

The Q-Balls 70 x 52mm wheels have a durometer of 78a so they are pretty hard and fast. They are not the best for rough terrain but they do an excellent job on smooth grounds where you can enjoy the smoothest gliding and performance of tricks.

With ABEC 7 Chrome bearings to support the wheels, you can cover a larger area while riding before having to push the ground with your foot again. The quick spinning action means you get to ride for longer.Amazon

Safety Of The Yocaher Longboard

The drop-down design does a lot for safety in the first place because when you ride close to the ground you automatically feel at comfort and confident to ride.

But a layer of premium grade 80A black grip tape has also been added to the top of the deck which furthermore increases safety and helps riders have total control of the board.

Riding The Yocaher Longboard

Even though I have been riding for years, I feel this board is going to be equally entertaining for beginners due to its high concave and low center.

With a long deck, I was able to accurately place my feet and also perform a number of tricks.Yocaher Longboard 3

The wheels did well in absorbing shocks while riding over small pebbles and rocks but as they are built mostly for speedy rides I would recommend this board mostly for downhill and smoother surfaces.

I personally wanted a longboard which I could use for high-speed cruising and I really enjoyed that on this board.

The deck is super hard which again is very assuring and stable.

While turning I did notice smooth transitions and thanks to the large cutouts there were no chances of wheel bite. The appropriate size of the wheels and high-grade bearings also added to the hassle-free turning and sliding.

Overall I found the Yocaher Drop Down Longboard’s performance gripping for those highly skilled riders who want to experience thrills and excitement, but it also serves as a balanced platform for new riders who are looking for a safe and stable board to start learning tricks on.


  • Perfectly designed for high-speed ridingYocaher Longboard 8
  • Hard and sturdy deck
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Provides safe and stable rides
  • Ideal for downhill riding
  • High load capacity
  • Available in many designs


  • The thick construction of the deck results in very minimum to no flex
  • Some users mentioned that they had to slow down their speed before making any turns or else the board would lose stability
  • A few complaints about flimsy parts

Yocaher Longboard 5

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coating on the top layer?

The deck comes with a top layer of black grip tape that gives the surface an anti-slip quality.

How easy is it to ride?

It is a very easy board to ride. Even riders with very little experience and poor skills can use this board to practice and improve their skill level. According to a lot of customers, this board serves as an excellent first board.

Is this a good board for commuting?

Although the drop-down design of the board makes it ideal for downhill and fast rides, it works just as great for long rides and every day commuting.

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Final Verdict Of Yocaher Longboard Review

So there you go. How was the Yocaher Longboard review?  With some amazing features and super sturdy construction, you can easily trust the Yocaher Professional Drop Down Long Board to deliver great results when it comes to fast-paced and smooth downhill riding.

It is a board that both professional riders and beginners can rely on and with an affordable price tag it can fit most budgets.

If you are looking for a board with a lot of flex then this board is not really what you should be looking at but if speed, precision, safety, and smooth gliding are your aim then that is all attainable with this board. This is the best longboard brands.



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